Friday, May 4, 2012


This last week and a half has been a rough one y'all.  After I felt like I was on death's doorstep I finally went to the doctor for sure I had bronchitis.  After listening to me breathe he said, "Well, you don't have bronchitis."  I could have punched him.  Don't you just hate going to the doctor and they tell you you're just fine?!  He then preceded with, "You've crossed the line from there.  You have full blown pneumonia."  Well, that explains it!  I got my meds and I was on my way to "fully rest" as he ordered.  Thankfully Phil has been just the best nurse and has taken care of everything.  I'm feeling much more like myself which is a good thing considering Phil just started a month long sabbatical!  I'm so excited to have this time with him and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time for us.
Since you don't just want to hear about my ailments, I'll leave you with a few pictures I took of Maya a few weeks ago.  It was that magical dusk hour and the sunlight was streaming in.  She loves waving around all those sparkling dust particles!  How are there so many?!!!!  It's always kinda cool to see yet disconcerting at the same time.

 catching sparklies...
 sweet little profile...

 Sun-lit kitchen

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eat her up

We all snuggled up on the couch tonight to read a bible story before bed. Afterward Maya volunteered to pray. First she went through and thanked God for each of us by name in such a sweet way, and then the last part of her prayer went a lil somethin like this...

"And God I pray you are having such a good time today up in Heaven. I really hope we can be there with you soon. And please can we have a baby? And please, please make unicorns and fairies real!"

Gracious, I love her so much my heart hurts! I just wish you could have seen and heard her. She asked for unicorns and fairies with such expectant joy and hopefulness! Such a good reminder that God wants to hear my wildest of dreams. Even if the rest of the world thinks I'm crazy.
Here's to unicorns and fairies, y'all.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

spilling over

Phil and I crawled into bed much too late last night. We were both tired and ready. As we lay there recounting a few things from the day, I told him a silly little story of an interaction I had with Gibson. Instead of a random chatter response he said, "You're a great Mom, babe. Seriously our kids are so lucky to have you. You're a really great Mom." I had to let a few, warm tears drop to my cold pillowcase before I could eek out a thank you. It's those little moments, in the quiet darkness, that add up to mean the most.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the latest

-  He just lost tooth number 3 yesterday.  In his words, "it just popped right out."  He was quite concerned that if he went to bed it would fall out and he would swallow it.  He's our lil worrier.  Thankfully it came out around dinner time so the child could go to bed in peace.
-  His current obsessions?  Legos and Mario.
-  He is constantly telling me he loves me and that I'm the best Mom ever.  That kid and his words of affirmation, I tell ya.  It's pretty awesome.
-  He is the perfect combination of sweet and funny.  Reminds me of his Daddy.  Which makes me think he'll be a pretty awesome husband and father some day.
-  We recently went to Chicago and he said he wants us to move to the city now.  He loved it!  Hmm, maybe because the lego store is there?!

-  So sassy yet so sweet!  She has been showing her helper side lately and I love it.  Last night at house church she put herself on clean up duty and helped load the dishwasher.  She was so excited and proud!
-  I had an early morning breakfast with friends one day this week and when I pulled in the drive way I noticed the curtains were open and all of the Christmas lights inside the house were all beautifully lit.  I was surprised that Phil would do that since it's usually my thang.  I walked in to see a smiling girl who said, "Look mom!  I opened up the house and got it all ready for you!"  She knows me well and my desire for light in the morning.  Oh it just warmed my heart to no end.
-  She got some pop beads yesterday and has been a jewelry making factory ever since.  Seriously hours and hours.
-  She pretty much loves anything fashion related and notices everything.  She has taken to complimenting strangers and it's awfully adorable.  Out of nowhere we'll be shopping, in a public bathroom, hanging at the library and I'll hear her say, "Excuse me.  I really like those boots." or "Excuse me, those earrings are really beautiful."  They always leave with a smile on their faces and it's been a good challenge for me to remember to encourage!
-  She continues to challenge Mama's sanity many days.  She is independent and very sure of her opinions.  Which is long as we can channel it in the right directions!

-  He is just as funny as ever and growing like crazy!  He seriously has shot up recently.  All of his 3T things that were literally hanging off of him and rolled up in the fall are now fitting perfectly.  Crazy!
-  I took him outside last week to take his 3 year pictures and he was such a ham!  I'll have to post a few soon (or if you're a fan of Ciao Bella on facebook you can see them now!) because they came out sooooo cute.  I think he loved having me all to himself, too!
-  Every morning he lays in his bed and sings.  It's adorable.  It's also a very, very, very loud way to wake up.
-  We recently got a free trial of netflix and the other night I was watching American Pickers while Gibson and Maya played legos.  Silas climbed up in my lap and intently watched two episodes with me. Maybe I'll have a junkin' partner in the future!
-  I always ask him if he's a baby and he says noooo.  Then I ask him if he's a big boy and he usually says yes.  Well one morning he said no and I asked what was he then.  He proudly pointed to his chest and said, "Eya (I'm a) MAN."  I lost it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31st cuteness

Halloween was an easy, low-stress affair this year.  Silas wore what was once baby Gibson's costume.  Silas is the 5th child to wear it, so I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth with that one!  Maya wore the same costume as last year.  Purple fairy of course!  I surprised her by picking up some purple hairspray at the store just an hour before we went out.  I'm pretty sure it was the best day of her life.  It's the little things!  While I was there I also picked up a tiny kit of face pencils because I thought it would be fun.  Gibson was still undecided on what he wanted to be as I mentioned, but had it narrowed down to ninja and pirate (apparently the recyclable materials idea went out the door).  When he saw the face pencils he was suddenly inspired and wanted to be a vampire.  So we turned his ninja shirt inside out, tied the red belt around his neck, and tied one of my black cardigans around for a cape.  Thrown together at the last minute, and it was his favorite costume he's ever had.  I'm actually not a big fan of scary costumes, but he was harmless.  He is like the sweetest kid ever who just happens to love spooky things.  It's pretty funny! 
Here they are, empty bags ready for loot:
 This is the only picture I could get of my wiggly monkey.  He ooo ooo and aaa aaa'd all night long.  I couldn't get over staring at his poofy belly and bottom.  I kept walking behind him on purpose just to catch a glimpse of the cuteness!
 The purple fairy:
 She's getting so big!
 And here he is in all his creepy glory:
He is trying so hard not to smile in this pic and I love it!

Am I the only Mom who almost got teary watching them run around to all of the houses?!  I just loved watching them make wonderful memories together, use good manners, and most of all the big smiles that were on their faces all night long.
Now let's eat some candy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

sunday evening meanderings

– I ate some Pizza Hut pizza tonight for the first time in years. Pretty sure it's burning a hole in my stomach as I type.
- I have missed this place! I keep wanting to blog, yet want to share pictures. However, Ciao Bella work is so crazy I haven't had time to edit my own photos. Soon and very soon I will be done for the season and then I can breathe! That should mean more regular blogging, too.
- I bought new socks and they're cutting off my ankle circulation. I've never in my life been called petite, but I have never had an ankle issue. Especially with a soft, stretchy sock. Geez. I'm totally blaming the sock in this situation.
- My sister-in-law and one of my close friends both find out if they are carrying a boy or a girl tomorrow!!! The big ultrasound is always so exciting! It will be one fun Halloween!
- Speaking of Halloween, the kids are totally stoked of course. Gibson still hasn't decided what he wants to be. He has the option of a ninja or pirate, but he said he may just make something out of "recyclable materials". I don't know where he gets these things. I also let them have a cookie after dinner tonight and he said I probably shouldn't have made that choice. When I asked him why he said because they were already going to be getting a million pieces of candy and that's probably too many sweets to be healthy. He speaks truth, that one.
- I'm about to travel to ITLY tonight via "Only You". I'm pretty excited. Damon Bradley!
- I know everyone is gushing about it, but I really do love pinterest! I have made so many recipes and put many ideas to use. Just plain inspirational. (Please go into it with a content heart though, or you'll find yourself pinning million dollar homes and fancy trips to Bora Bora before you know it.)
- I am obsessed with cardigans and I don't care who knows it! It's pretty much all I wear and I make no apologies.
- I am finding myself itching to put up the Christmas tree and start playing Christmas music. I normally have a no celebrating rule until Thanksgiving is over, but I'm wondering if I'll make it! I buckled and started listening to the music mid November last year. It's just so flippin cozy. It's like the older I get the more sentimentalish I get. Do you like to wait to celebrate or do you throw caution to the wind early?
- Really trying to break in these socks but wondering if I'll find blue feet when I peel them off. Not sure how much longer I can hack it. All of the sudden my 3.99 deal is seeming like too high a price to pay.
- I have 3 loads of laundry on the couch just waiting to be folded. I think they've been here four days. Maybe more. Oh yeah, one load in the dryer too. And the kids' clothes are still overflowing the hamper. I need to get back in the laundry game. Listen I'm all about throwing in the load, switching it over, even putting away. It's the folding I can't get into. Except towels. I don't mind towels.
- The sweet woman next door just brought over three little bags of candy because she will be out of town tomorrow. So sweet! There are pretty much no little children on our street so she is always so nice to ours. However those bags are now taunting me. I have made it thus far with zero candy in my house. You heard me. If it's here I'll eat it so I have passed it up in the Target aisles. I stopped and looked longingly once, but then thought of Joseph literally running from temptation from Potipher's wife. So I scurried on out of there. Like for real ran whilst pushing my cart. Well, maybe it was a light jog. Still.
- I would love to yammer on but my feet are freezing, yet I still have on the socks. I think it's time to restore circulation. See you again soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

thankful thursday

Thankful for...

-The warm sun and sweet breeze.

-The smell of baking pumpkin cookies wafting through the house.

-Pandora while I edit.

-Maya playing with her polly pocket's at my feet while I worked this afternoon.  Love to hear her story lines.

-A new surgery date for Silas to get new ear tubes and adenoids removed.  Brother NEEDS it.

-An encouraging appointment with our neurosurgeon that cleared him for this procedure.

-A Tim Horton's iced capp for breakfast this morning.

-My quad girls texting one another scripture all day.  Can't wait to meet with them in the morning.

-Kate coming over just to hang out after my kids are in bed tonight.  So excited for uninterrupted conversation!

-The wonderful wedding I was able to capture this past weekend.  I had tears behind my lens...and even tears as I edit.  Their love for Him and each other is so apparent that it's awesome.

-The Fall decor I broke out last week.  Happy little pumpkins.

-Gibson hugging me today and saying, "I wish I could stay right here in this place for the rest of my life."  He's going to make a girl VERY happy someday.