Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Vomit and Vinyl

I'm sure when you read the title of my post you were completely compelled to read on. ok, so maybe not. Those two little words have been my life for the last few days. Let me start this out by explaining the vinyl part. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was reading Parents magazine. At the back of the magazine they have the "It worked for me" section. I read one mother explain that when her children are sick she puts down plastic tablecloths everywhere for them to play on, sleep on, watch tv on, etc. I remember as a pregnant/first-time mom-to-be I thought to myself, "how cruel, just put your puking kid on a plastic mat?!". Well people, that's just precisely what I did. When Gibson got sick on Friday I ran myself right over to Big Lots and bought two very colorful tropical fish vinyl tablecloths (not my up of tea, but they were only a 1.25 each). Hey, maybe the tropical fish will bring a sense of tranquility to the situation. But I have to say, the idea is pure GENIUS! No rug-scrubbing or stain-lifting, just wipe it right up. I wish I could say I thought of the wonderful idea myself, but I have to give credit to that mom out there somewhere who had a revelation from the Lord. Since the rest of my family seems to be following suit with the sickness, I think the "splat mats" are here to stay.


Susanne said...

Stopping by from the party. Sorry you all are not feeling well. Hope it's over with soon!

Becslifeonline said...

Hiya! Spotted you on the party blog. Hope you and your family are feeling better! There's a book giveaway at my site if you want to check it out :-) God bless, Becs.

Mike said...

Hello there. Hopped over from 5 Minutes for Mom. Hope you don’t mind the visit, and future ones.

Have a great week, and feel well soon.


UKZoe said...

Wish someone had told me that back when my boys (now 12 and 15) were little!