Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Things

My lovely friend, Diane, has tagged me to do this "7 things about me" meme. I will do my best peoples.

-The peace and serenity I feel when I am at the beach is something I can't explain. The sun, sand, and crashing waves do such good to my soul. (Secret: sometimes I pray God will move us there some day!)

-I have always loved to read but really got out of the habit the past few years. Thanks to my own personal library, Kate, I just finished another book, a 600+ pager. Oh the satisfaction of finishing a book.

-I was a captain of the dance team in high school and dated a football player. I was part of the "popular" crowd and such a party girl. I was a good liar and that was bad news. Boy oh boy did I have a lot to learn about life!

-I have a major mouse phobia. I don't know if i can give justice to the extent of it. I will seriously hyperventilate if I see one, full on panic attack. I hear a random noise in my house and immediately get scared that it could be a mouse. I also have a bit of a hair phobia, not if its attached to something, but if i see it loose on the floor or anywhere else it makes me gag a little.

-I talk in weird voices and accents to my kids and husband all the time. I also have a thing for coming up with nicknames for people/things. Sometimes I wonder if my children or dog even know what their real name is or if Gibson and Maya will leave this house thinking their names are actually "Bear" and "Pooka".

-I was a preschool teacher for several years and I loved it. One of my favorite things was lesson planning. I really miss it sometimes. I know, I'm a weirdo.

-I absolutely love flowers, but I'm so not a gardener. Call me crazy, just not a fan of killing my back and knees picking weeds. I'm a big fan of the potted plant.

So there are some very, very random things about me. Don't hate.

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