Friday, May 4, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Recently my husband got his haircut and I absolutely love it. He does not. But trust me, he looks handsome and his hair at this shorter length just might be my favorite. So I was all pumped up to cut my hair too. The last time I had cut my hair was back in September. I know, I know, every six weeks you need a trim, but I just don't make the time for that nonsense. I really liked my last short do' and I received the most compliments I have ever had about my hair. So when I went back yesterday, I went for the same thing. I knew, of course, you can never get the same haircut twice, but I guess I was trying to be hopeful (in retrospect I call it naive). Now, mind you, it's not awful, it just doesn't lay quite like it should. It also cut off any left over highlights I had, so now my hair just looks dark and dowdy in my opinion. My whole goal has been to get back to my natural color and get out of the highlighting trap that you totally get sucked into (because who wants dark roots, right?). I am now completely au natural and here's the thing: I want highlights! I just feel like the cut is screaming for it and without it my new hair just makes me look old. I don't know, Phil thinks I'm crazy but this is serious business! I think I will be doing some highlights this weekend, I just don't think I can go into this warm weather without them. Next on the hair chopping block is Gibson. His hair is coming over his ears and collar and I just can't take it. Even our dog needs a haircut right now, poor shaggy Delia. Maya is nowhere near a haircut because I am still longing for the day when I can put a cute little hair barrette in her hair. I can't wait! We are leaving for Florida in exactly one week and hopefully we will have our hair woes straightened out by then! But then again, when you're on the white sugary beaches and looking out on the clear blue water, who really cares, right? (who am I kidding, I will! I don't want nasty-haired vacation pics!)


Phil said...

your hair looks good!

Diane said...

Would love to see some pics!!