Thursday, June 14, 2007

A good ol' fashioned confidence booster

This evening I took the kids to Apex with me while I worked with Kate on the conference room design. We stopped by to see Phil on our way out since he was there for band practice. When it was time to leave, I had the distinct pleasure of dragging my son to the van (while toting a massive diaper bag and baby Maya on the other hip) as he cried, "Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy!" over and over. I told him he would see Daddy later and he would be coming home with Mommy. That statement was met with more cries. You gotta love that, I'm feelin' real good right about now.


Jenny said...

Oh Amber, you gotta love the dragging the kid to the car situation. I remember those days with Rowan vividly. It does get better. At least you know he really loves his dad. :) Sometimes when I finally get the kids loaded up in the car after trying to run an errand or something I am literally breaking out in a sweat. Hope your day looks up. Jenny C.

Amy said...

We have all been there as moms! Just today when I was leaving the pool with Broderick he threw a fit! It was an hour past nap time, but still. All over a snack that he was going to get in the car. I called Jenny last week in tears, because I couldn't handle my own 2 kids. Thank goodness we have other moms to go through this journey on!