Saturday, June 23, 2007

My big dude

Oh Gibson. He's getting so big! Two days ago he officially went "pee-pee on the potty"! He has sat on it about a hundred times, but he finally went for the first time. There was much singing, clapping, and sticker-giving. We called our family and friends and had him tell them what he had done, just so he would know what a big deal it was (and that we wanted him to keep doing it of course). He was very excited, and I was very excited about the thought of buying less diapers. This really would be great timing considering Maya will be off of formula in two months and those two things would really help out the budget! He is still is not telling us when he needs to go, but hopefully we will continue making progress. Yesterday he got to go to a "big movie" with Daddy. They went to see Shrek 3. He has only seen one other movie in the theater but that was over a year ago and he was pretty litte, so I don't think he even remembers it. Phil said he was in complete awe. Just looking at that big screen was enough to drop his little jaw. He did great and cried when it was over because he "prolly had to go bye-bye". He loved it and only got a little scared once at the Transformers movie preview. He had such a fun boy's day out and even said, "No girls Mommy!". Thanks, thanks a lot. I am so glad he has a Daddy that loves him so much and desires to spend time with him. I know he's glad too! :)

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