Monday, July 2, 2007

On a chip

I have been gone for a week now...away from any computer access what-so-ever. It has actually been restful, but I have been anxious to read email and check blogs. It's nice to be back! I was away from a computer because my husband was gone with his band leading music at a youth camp. Oh how I missed him! This definitely isn't our first week apart, but it really seemed like the longest and the hardest ever. Gibson especially noticed Daddy not being here. We told him Daddy was going on a which he replied, "Daddy's on a chip? Gibson wants a chip!". I laughed forever about that one, and he continued to say it for the entire week. While my husband was gone I realized how much I truly love that man! He helps me in more ways than I can I can even say. I didn't just notice how much he helps me with the kids, but also how much he is a part of my well-being, my sanity. He makes me feel loved and appreciated. He could still do that over the phone, but the one-on-one conversations and hugs were greatly missed. I kept myself busy by making plans with family or friends pretty much every day. I also read a book recommended by Kate called "There Is No Me Without You". I can 100% agree with her that it is an amazing book. I was telling Phil that after reading it I feel like I just got back from a mission trip. I feel weird going back to my regular suburban life after reading about the suffering and loss that the people of Ethiopia are experiencing. Only a few pages in and I was crying my eyes out at the staggering statistics of the people that are dying of AIDS everyday and the orphans that they leave behind. The enormity of it can be exhausting to think about, but reading the individual stories made it all real. God has really been stretching me and teaching me a lot through this book. Now I'm just praying through what He wants me to do with all of it swirling around in my head. If you are looking for a book to read, go get this one! Now I'm going to get back to being with my husband and the fact that he is back from his chip!


Phil said...

thanks baby!

Amy said...

Rob does not go out of town much, but when he does, I feel the same way. I wouldn't survive if he had to travel a lot. thank God he gave us great husbands.