Monday, December 24, 2007

Interview with a 2 1/2 year old

I decided it would probably be pretty funny to set up a little interview with Gibson. I wrote a few questions in ahead of time and then just typed the answers as they came out of his cute little mouth.

Hi, what is your name? Gibson.

How old are you? 2!

Do you love mommy? Mmm hmmm.

What is your favorite thing to do? Drive a train.

What is your favorite color? Green, um a green train. I told you a green train! And a red train, and red car that has windows, and then I play with cymbals and drums, and then eat cookies, and then I go out the door.

Hmm, OK. So what is your favorite thing to eat? A pear.

Are you enjoying the Christmas holiday thus far? Yes. I would like a pirate hat in the car. And I love to drive.

Are we going to celebrate Jesus' birthday tomorrow? Yes. Tomorrow!

Are you totally excited? Yes, I'm totally excited to go see him.

So you think we're going to see Jesus tomorrow for his birthday? Yes Mommy. Say OK to me please! (pause in questions as I try to ramble and explain why we won't be actually going to see Jesus for his birthday.)

What did you get me for Christmas? A car for you!

REALLY? And it's called Sally, and my favorite car is Chick.

Oh, you're talking about the movie Cars? Yes, and they crash on the movie. And then Ratatouille just came!

You really love movies, huh? Yes. And I like to bam the tool bench with a hammer, like this. (demonstrates the "bamming")

OK, I'll leave you alone and let you finish watching Sesame Street now. I don't like Sesame Street, just Thomas and Friends, making tracks to great destinations, OK? I don't like Elmo's World, OK?

What do you have against Elmo? I don't like Elmo.

Why not? Cause I just want to play with the barn.

OK, well I love you baby. Mommy, what did you just say to me?

I said I love you baby. Yes Mom.

Well do you love me too? Mmm hmm.

Gee thanks, you sound super excited about that. I like a car and a boat and a tool bench and a book. A library book. Oh no, a monster is coming for me! And he's going to eat me, and I say no no no no no!

And then he ran away waving his arms, so I guess this live interview is over. I hope you enjoyed his rambling, imaginative answers, I know I laugh at them every day. I have so much fun being his Mom!

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Phil said...

our son is hilarious! he gets that from me of course...cause you're not funny at all.