Thursday, December 6, 2007

Long December?

Well I wrote previously about how it had been a long November for our family. Well, I must say, December isn't shaping up much better so far. We took the kids to the doctor on Monday for Maya's 15 month check-up and for Gibson's flu shot. Our pediatrician said Maya is doing wonderful and was amazed at her development. Then our poor baby had to get 4 shots. She was not happy, and Gib got his one shot. They really took them like champs. It was dinner time so we took them to our family's favorite place. Soon after getting there Maya's fever started. She always gets a fever with her vaccinations, so I just thought it was starting. We checked it when we got home and it was up to 102.6 so we broke out the Motrin. We put her to bed a few hours later and she was doing fine. Phil and I decided to relax and watch a movie. When we turned off the movie at 11:45 we heard talking...little baby voice talking. Uh-oh. We went back to find Maya awake and burning up. We got her out of bed and still heard talking. What? Gibson was awake and we're pretty sure he'd never been asleep, well, because he told us so. He was wide awake. We checked Maya's temperature and it was at 103.2 and she was still an hour away from another dose. We settled Gib down and he finally went to sleep. We kept Maya up, gave her some more Motrin, and finally got in bed ourselves around 1:30. On Tuesday we had another doctor apppointment for Maya. Over the last few months Maya has developed a chalazion on her eyelid, which is basically as cyst, and we had to go see an eye specialist. We pressed on, even with her fever, in order to get some answers. They told us to do warm compresses as often as possible (which by the way is nearly impossible with a 15 month old), but that it could take up to a year to heal. If it gets any bigger and starts to obstruct her vision they would have to remove it surgically. Please pray with us that it never comes to that! Well, as that day wore on I started not to feel so hot. By the evening I was shaking, shivering, and taken with a fever. Oh, my skin just hurt. Maya still had her fever as well. I went to bed with three blankets on, fully clothed, and was still shaking uncontrollably because I was so cold. My sweet husband cared for me and even headed out for NyQuil at 12:30. I slept fitfully and woke up drenched in sweat once my fever broke. When I woke up yesterday I felt better, but also felt as though I'd been hit by a truck. Thankfully Phil worked from home to help out. So here we are today. Maya is still having fevers off and on, and I woke up twice in the night drenched in sweat from fevers breaking. I heard this whole thing is going around, but it is really getting our family down right now! Of course, while I'm rendered helpless all I can think about is how many things I need to get done. The house is a mess and I have several projects that need to be done sooner than I'd like to think about. We're really hoping and praying this leaves our household soon and skips over Phil and Gibson!!! I haven't posted anything real for a while, and sorry for the novel-long post, but it's what's going on over here in our neck of the woods! We have appreciated everyone's prayers and for all of you precious people who have offered to help. Thank you!


Tom said...

As for that chalazion ... you are correct, it's a kind of cyst in the eyelid. Completely harmless and in an adult, you would try warm compresses and massage to get it to drain. As you can attest, this is difficult to do in a child.

As long as the bump isn't too big, you shouldn't worry. HOwever, if it is large enough to close the eyelid or push on the eyeball, this could be a bigger problem. Children need to use both of their eyes all the time in order to avoid developing amblyopia (when the visual wiring doesn't form in the back of the brain from disuse).

If the bump seems small, it may go away ... this takes a long time. If large, it can be drained "surgically" ... it's easy to do in the office for adults, but children need to be sedated in an OR environment.

You can see a video of a draining chalazion here:
Chalazion draining video

Brandy said...

I hope you and Maya are feeling better! You gotta love winter. Is it vacation time yet?! I feel like this is such an inadequate comment since I didn't include a chalazion draining video.

Amber said...