Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Christmas Day

Well here we are almost a week later and I'm just now writing about our Christmas day together. Life has been busy! We had such a wonderful time together this year. This was the first year ever that we've been at our own home on Christmas day. We absolutely loved every minute of it! Phil and I stayed up late on the Eve getting the gifts wrapped and ready. It was a late night, but thankfully the kids slept in for us the next day, 9:00! Obviously they aren't old enough to get up at 5 a.m. Christmas morning, and for that I am thankful for this year! They ran out and saw all of their gifts. We quickly started unwrapping and they had a blast. The standouts for Gibson were his "Meet the Robinsons" movie and his Spiderman bat and ball. Maya really liked her yellow tutu and her fake baby bottles. While they played with their new loot I made us a yummy french toast and turkey bacon breakfast. We played some more, watched Gib's new movie and then it was nap time. While the kids slept, Phil and I decided to make some Christmas cookies. This was unplanned, so we had to make due with the ingredients on hand and they turned out amazing! We had fun working together in the kitchen while we listened to the new CD he got me (Jimmy Eat World's newest, LOVE it!). Once the kids woke up we dug into the roast I'd had in the crock pot all day. It turned out wonderful and we ate til' we couldn't eat no mo'! Next we took a plate of our yummy cookies back to our neighbors. They were so thankful and we were glad we could spread a little Christmas cheer. When the kids got back I set up their easel in the bedroom so they could enjoy their new paints. Gibson made sure to use the paintbrushes and to not get "yucky", Maya on the other hand painted more of herself than the paper. So needless to say, the night was topped off by a bath! One of our favorite parts of the day was finishing our Jesse Tree with the star on top. We read to the kids about Jesus' birth and sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candle, and enjoyed some cake. I hope they remember that about the day too. After we put the kids to bed and settled in on the couch together, we talked about how fun our day had been. It was full of activity, yet relaxing at the same time. To be home was such a gift this year. At the end of this Christmas season, my heart feels full...and blessed.

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Carpenters said...

It sounds like a lovely Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all from the Carpenters!

With Love,
Penelope and Gabe

P.S. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. They are much appreciate. We are so happy our children are officially ours. We can't wait to get them. We're praying for your journey too.