Saturday, December 8, 2007

Zoo Babies

Last night we headed down to the Cincinnati Zoo for their annual Festival of Lights. We planned to go with our good friends and the details were nicely laid out. We were running a few minutes behind when leaving (not uncommon when you have a family of four to get out the door), and then got on the road only to realized we had forgotten my cell phone. Since I only had our friend's number on my phone, we had to head back. That cost us roughly 15 minutes. Then it was peak rush hour time so we decided to try a back way. Well let's just say we will never, EVER be taking that way again. We got behind a lot of slow people, and apparently it was taking us the long way around. Not to mention, our teething little girl screamed at least 3/4 of the time. It was excruciating and I was nearly in tears. We ended up calling our friends and telling them to eat without us because we didn't even know where we were. We stopped on our own and had a quick dinner and decided to just meet up at the zoo. Thankfully, there were no bumps in the road on that leg of the journey. We got to the zoo, paid our dues, and headed in. It was decorated very nicely for Christmas, lots of lights and music. There was a lovely drizzle falling which made for some awesome hair by the end of the night. Thanks to our layers we didn't get too cold. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the animals were in bed by the time we got there. We did get to see a few polar bears in action and that was really fun. Gibson enjoyed the reindeer, both real and fake, and watching the train go around the zoo. Maya was still cranky while we were there, but we had a few breaks where she enjoyed looking around. Our night was topped off nicely with hot chocolate and some deep fried goodness in the form of a funnel cake.

Here are a few pictures from our night:

Phil and I; Gibson with Rudolph; what Maya thought of our night


Carpenters said...

It looks like you had fun once you made it to the zoo! My husband introduced me to the yumminess of funnel cake and I'm sure it goes well with hot chocolate. I love the pictures, especially the one with you and dh.

With love,

Brandy said...

Cute pictures! Did Gibson grow up overnight? He looks like he's home from college for the Holidays!