Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Bear!

Today was Gibson's second birthday! We had lots of fun, he watched cartoons all morning and played with all of his new toys/books/puzzles. Then we met daddy for lunch at Chick-fil-a where he got to play. Oh, and we also got ice cream. Then he got to climb in the outdoor play place at Mcdonald's tonight. It was pretty much his idea of a perfect day. I can't believe it was two years ago today that I was in that hospital room looking out the window at the snow blanketing the colorful flowering trees (we had freaky April weather that year!). From the moment he arrived he has truly been a joy. I knew from the moment I first looked at his sweet little face that he was special. He has such a laid back personality and a great sense of humor. He loves to learn, and his imagination is now in full force (tonight on the way home he said, "Look Mommy, cookie monster!". "Where?", I said. "Up there, in the stars, cookie monster!". It was hilarious. I am so blessed to have the honor of being his Mommy. I thank God every day for the sweet boy sleeping in the crib down the hall.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thanks Gib

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been eating healthy, exercising, and have lost 23 lbs. so far. I have more I want to lose, but I have been feeling great about my progress so far. But, it is inevitable to have one of those days where you just look in the mirror and you aren't happy with what you see. I had one of those days recently. I was trying on clothes, none of them fit right, and I had myself convinced that I had nothing in my entire closet to wear. I was in front of the mirror looking at yet another horrid outfit when Gibson walked in. He looked at me adoringly and said, "Oooo Mommy, pretty!". He had no idea, but his words were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. It reminded me how he looks at me for who I am, and not just what I look like. What a challenge from my little 2 year old that I should be doing the same!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Things

Here are some good things going on right now...

- Gibson saying, "look mommy, LOOK!" roughly a hundred times a day...and I still think its adorable

- Maya rolling everywhere she needs to go and pulling herself along, almost crawling!

- my wonderful husband and father-in-law working so hard to finish the flooring in our laundry room and half bath

- seeing all kinds of family all weekend

- Maya saying "da-da". she doesn't know what it means, but it sounds so sweet

- Gibson's pictures went great, I think he is the cutest, funniest little boy on planet earth

- my nephew Ryan getting some good test results yesterday

- my sister and brother-in-law getting an accepted offer on a new house

- design planning with Kate

- Maya is 7 months old and I can't believe it

- Rachel's little baby bump

- losing 21 lbs. since January

Things I'm looking forward to...

- Gibson's 2nd birthday, only 16 days away

- Phil having the entire month of May off work!

- leaving for vacation in just under 5 weeks

- seeing the finished product of the conference room I'm helping design

- paying off some debt, baby!

- getting a dream car, haha

And the best thing going on right now is celebrating Jesus' resurrection and the new life we can have through Him! His love and grace have changed me forever.