Wednesday, January 2, 2008

from the husband's point of view

Hello faithful "mama..." readers. This is Phil, Amber's husband. I've had the pleasure of being married to her for almost 6 years now and in that time, I've learned quite a bit about her. I've learned very, very important things...for example:
  • her phobias of other people's hair, being tickled, and pretty much anything that has more than 2 legs (except dogs).
  • her interesting quirks such as the way her eye will sometimes, unbeknowns to her, begin to half squint, half twitch when she's really focusing on something or how she can't seem to get comfortable in one sitting position for longer than about 8 minutes.
  • her odd sleep issues such as having to have a fan on all night...not for the air movement but rather for the sound; having to have her toes out from under the blankets because they feel trapped; and her inability to sleep while a certain perfect man snores ever so lovingly in her ear all night long.
Whereas all the above things are true, what I've really learned about her is much deeper than that.

  • I've learned that she has an amazing ability to love. She loves deeply, and freely.
  • I've learned that God has given her a supernatural ability to parent. Gib, Maya, and any other children God puts in our family are so blessed to be able to have a mom like Amber.
  • I've learned that she is a very strong woman. I've seen her take on some tough storms and she always comes out aiming in the right direction.
  • I've learned that her sense of humor it a great gift to all that know her. She's stinkin' hilarious and just has a way of making people lighten up, smile, and laugh.
  • I've learned that compassion is one of her greatest characteristics. She cares in ways that still surprise me. Our family will be greatly impacted this year because of her compassion, specifically for orphans.
  • I've learned that she is humble. I am so blessed by her humility and desire to serve others needs above her own. She is also one of the most "appropriately modest" women I've ever known.
  • I've learned that though she may never be a public speaker, or figurehead, she will always be a leader. She is a servant leader.
  • I've learned that Jesus will always have her heart.
  • I've learned that after 2 yrs of dating, and almost 6 yrs of marriage, I love her more now than I ever thought possible. She is the best woman I know and I am honored to share life with her. I know that whatever comes our way, we'll be there together in the end.

There are probably 50 more things that I could mention, but I think you get the idea.

From this husband's point of view, we're all blessed to know Amber...wouldn't you agree?
If you don't know her yet, you should. Your life will be better afterwards. :)



Diane said...

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Stacie said...

Thanks for sharing, Phil. In today's world it is so refreshing to see a husband publically honor his wife. Your marriage is also a terrific testimony. Thanks for letting us peak into your world!

Carpenters said...

Ahhhh... Phil that was so sweet (not to mention very funny, especially the part about the snoring)! While I can't say as I know Amber personally, my life has definitely been better since "meeting" her online. She must be one brave woman to let you post about her odd sleep issues. I hope one day we do get to meet.

With Love,