Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well apparently it has been one year since I started this blog o' mine. I only have 76 posts, which in "blogland" means I don't write as much as most. I am fine with that. I am glad that I will have something to show my children someday to give them a glimpse at the craziness of our every day life right now. As I type I am reprimanding Maya for hitting Gibson upside the head. It really never ends.
I am so thankful for the friends I have made in the "blogosphere" (that term totally annoys me by the way, and anything else that people like to stick the word "blog" into). It has been amazing to keep up with some friends, and also to meet some new ones. I am sure this blog will take on a whole new dimension when we are fully in the throws of our adoption.
I am looking forward to another year and looking back to see the ways that God worked in our family.
Thanks to the three people that actually read this!


Carabella's said...

Hi Amber,
I am glad I have gotten to know you! I love reading your blog. I think it makes our lives seem more normal when we read about other families in similar stages of life.


Stacie said...

Congratulations! You at least posted (on average) just over once a week. Pretty good for a mom of tots!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep it up! :-)

Love, love, LOVE your background!

Cale and Kate said...

Haven was singing Happy Birthday to you yesterday. I guess she knew what she was talking about!

Amy McSwegin said...

I read it! :-)

Melissa said...

I definitely appreciate your blog :) Happy Anniversary!!

(And see, you're up to SIX now!)

Diane said...

I love keeping up with your precious family. It's like a little bit of Wings in our life.