Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're spotless

Since our house has been on the market for almost 7 months, there has been a lot of cleaning going on in our home! I like a clean house, but I must say the deep cleaning things definitely fall by the wayside most of the time. Well, when you want your home in showroom condition, you have to work hard. We have had quite a few showings, so it has been exhausting. Today I cleaned the house with two screaming children following behind me for a 1:15 pm showing. I had a sinking feeling when I walked out of the house that no one was going to come. Unfortunately, my gut was right. If I knew who they were I would hunt them down right now! But I guess on the bright side, we have a sparkling clean home now. Marisa mentioned Shaklee products on her blog today. I, too, am a big fan. You may have noticed my website in my profile. After trying their products through my sister, I became a distributor because I loved it so much. I know that the whole "going green" thing is very in right now, but they have been making natural products for over 50 years. I have loved everything I have tried, from vitamins to makeup. I must say though, the cleaning products are my favorite. I was just thinking today as I cleaned about what a difference it makes. I used to get a headache and feel light-headed after cleaning all day from the fumes. There is no way I could close myself in a bathroom to clean because it would make me feel so sick. I never, ever experience that now. I also love that my kids can touch and eat off of any surface (and believe me they do!) and it isn't harmful at all. I can scrub my tub, put them in it, and not have to worry about the residue. I just don't think I could go back to all of those chemicals after seeing how well these products clean...and naturally! They also make their cleaning supplies concentrated, and when you compare prices, you get so much for your money. Their basic H2 is what I love so much and I know it will last me a year, if not more! It really is fabulous. Many products claim to be streak-free, but I have never seen anything perform so well on windows and mirrors. I also like the laundry detergent. Maya has some allergies/asthma issues and I definitely thinks it helps to have her bedding and clothing washed in it. Ok, I will stop going on and on! But I just had to post about something that has made such a difference in my everyday life. Drop me a line if you would like any info!

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