Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pinch pinch

So what do you do when your son wakes up at midnight with his first really big nightmare? You run to him, comfort him, hug him, pray for him, speak a little truth and rational to him...right? Well none of that seemed to work the other night. Gibson has cried in the night with dreams before, but never screaming like this. I went in his room and he was terrified. He told me that crab arms were in his bed and trying to get him (yes, I had to turn my head so he didn't see me laugh at the "crab arms"). He said they were going, "pinch, pinch, pinch". Oh my. Just what do I say to that? I prayed for him and he seemed comforted. Daddy came and emptied out the bed and showed him nothing was there. We talked about some good things he could dream about like baseball and building sandcastles on the beach (looking back on it, maybe the beach wasn't a good choice, considering the potential for the crab arms and all). He was laughing and happy by that point. We laid him back down. Not 5 minutes later he was crying and screaming for us. He said he was scared and that the crab arms were trying to get him and he could hear the pinching noises. We had compassion on him, of course. We even let him lay in bed with us, which he really has never done before. He was good laying with Daddy, but when I went back to lay with him so Phil could get some work done, he got a little chatty. Lucky me. He also started floppin' around like a fresh trout. I had a massive headache goin' on, so I started not handling the situation very well. We decided to try his bed again. Suddenly the pinchy crab arms were back. Great. Let me tell you, you feel bad for him for awhile. Really, I feel for him, I had terrible dreams as a child. And then you reach the point where you think: OK dude, there is nothing there, nothing to be afraid of...and it is 3 IN THE MORNING!!!! At about 4:40 Phil just made a bed on the floor beside him hoping that would help. We were all exhausted. The last time I looked at the clock it said 5 something, Phil said it was 6 something for him because apparently Gibson got chatty again. We were all up for the day at 9. I do not do well with no sleep people. This momma didn't have much patience that next day. Thankfully, it isn't continuing. And that is a good, good thing! Poor baby.


Marisa said...

Oh, I feel for ya! Last week when Lucas had strep the high fevers at night made him delirious and hysterical. It would take us 10-15 min. to calm him down and then it would start all over again 30 min. later. He spent a lot of time in bed with mom and dad that weekend!

Amy said...

When I read the crab arms reaching for him, I started cracking up. Their little brains sure do imagine a lot of things.