Thursday, May 1, 2008

a touch of honesty...

I am tired. I am stressed. I am not sure I'm handling it well.
Today has been a rough week. Phil has been very busy with work and planning so much for our concert tomorrow night. I am so thankful for the work he has done, so many things I would never have a clue about planning! He has worked hard and tirelessly. I love him and appreciate him so much! I miss him so much when he's not here. (see you on vacation baby, haha)
Meanwhile, things have been crazy on the home front. Maya has been injured more times than I can count, with a very bad spill last night. She has been a cranky mess (understandably after seeing her head literally bounce off of a metal stair!). Gibson has been very whiny every day and asking for Daddy a lot. The house is a mess. My list of to-do's is endless. And I'm low on patience.
Tonight while I was driving home with two screaming children in the backseat, I felt like I wanted to cry too. I started to pray, pleading for God to give me strength. It was then that I really put it all together and the tears finally came. Satan has been attacking my family hardcore! I believe God is going to do amazing things tomorrow night in the heart of people, and I believe the lives of orphans will be changed because of it. And Satan does not like that. I cried because I was filled with joy, and no longer frustration. I had joy because I know that God is bigger than it all! ALL. He is power. He is love. He is a father to the fatherless. He is. And Satan's got nothin' on that.
And now I


Carabella's said...

Hi Amber,

I am praying for you today. I am thankful for what you are doing tonight. I know God will bless it!


Brandy said...

God is in it ALL. Down to the very last detail! I'm praying for you and the benefit concert tonight. What an amazing journey you have begun! Can't wait to have such a special addition from Ethiopia added to the family!

Jenn said...

Amber, thanks for your honesty and insight. Raising children can be difficult and when times are busy they definitely sense it. Its like a big vicious cycle our children lose it and then we do and it continues on! It was great to read that you recognized that satan was on the attack. I am praying for you and Phil tonight that your concert would touch many and that it will help you in the financial area for the adoption.

Rochelle said...

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
Motherhood is definitely not an easy thing. I've been where you are and know that it does get easier.
God is doing amazing things in your life and Satan feels the need to suck away what joy he can.
I'll be praying for you.
It was nice to meet you face to face last night :^) What an amazing concert!