Tuesday, July 15, 2008

feeling sentimental

I love going to Cox Arboretum. It has been one of my favorite places for years, and it is even where Phil proposed. I also take the kids there every year for birthday pictures. Anyway! We went there yesterday and I took them back to the very spot that Daddy proposed. I hadn't been back on those trails for a couple of years, and had never taken the kids back there. It was great and got me all sappy and sentimental watching the kids play at the very spot where Daddy was on his knee. These pictures just don't do it justice. They are draining the pond right now, so it looks a little down and out. But it is tucked in the back of a huge field of trails, tall grass, and wildflowers. It is a beautiful little treasure. Here it is:

Can you see it in there?

The kids. Gibson kept saying, "Mommy, I'm engaged!":

Phil had pictures, flowers, and candles everywhere. This is where he was on his knee:

This whole dock was lined with candles:

The view out of the little windows:


Rochelle said...

That is so romantic! I love that place too.

Carpenters said...

It's beautiful! You have one romantic hubby! How special that you can bring the kiddos here to see it.

With Love,

.:rew:. said...

Wow--that sure is very special. Not that I want to rush this...but how neat would it be if Gib or Maya got engaged there, too? I love your idea to take them there...

Amber said...

Very fun!! It looks so secluded... very special. :^)