Wednesday, August 13, 2008

crackin' down

You know, before you become a parent, you can have a lot of opinions about parenting. Once you are actually in it, a lot of things get thrown out the window, at least the things you realize are of little importance. I always had a very definite opinion of pacifiers. I wasn't anti-paci, just anti-letting it go on for too long. Gibson never liked a pacifier, but instead opted for sucking his fingers. That is a battle we still fight to this day. He has mostly given it up, but when he is tired or upset, in they go (I am open to suggestions here!). Maya, on the other hand, really loved the paci and it helped her tremendously as a baby. Did I say as a baby? To me she's still a baby! Anyway, we did have a guideline that she only got it in her bed during nap and bedtime. My rule of thumb was always to break her of it by a year old...a year and a half max. we are at almost two. The problem is, she was really sick all winter long and had trouble with asthma/allergies and had trouble we let her have it. When Spring came, we had a lot of traveling to do, so it just didn't seem ideal to do it then. I just figured in the grand scheme of things, it could certainly wait. I am wanting to start more aggressive potty training, but wanted to tackle this first. So yesterday, I went in and snipped the end of her paci. When it was nap time, I put her in her bed, gave her all of her "babies". She reached over for her paci, popped it in, and immediately removed it. She stared at it, bewildered, and then looked up at me like the world had ended. "Mommy! It's broken!" I decided to play dumb, "Oh no! It is broken isn't it? Aw, that's too bad." She started to panic. "Can you fix it Mommy? Mommy!" Poor thang. "Well, no honey, I can't fix it, I'm sorry." This only escalated. Soon she was frantic and crying. I told her sorry, gave her a kiss and a hug, and told her it was nap time. She just continued with her little wails. I went in to check on her and she was sitting in the corner of the crib, head down, holding the "broken" paci. It was the most pitiful thing I'd ever seen. But I needed to stay strong! She asked me again to fix it, and when I explained...again...that I couldn't fix it, she threw it on the floor and said she didn't want it. And guess what? That's been the end of it! I thought I would continue to snip it each day until she was done. But if it was broken, the girl wanted nothing to do with it. She has talked about it since, but hasn't asked for a different one. I felt like she was ready, so I'm so glad it was such an easy transition, at least so far. I"ll let you know if we regress. So, do I have any chance in the world that potty training will be this easy? The next few weeks will answer that I guess!


Amber said...

WOW....her love and devotion to the paci was no that strong. As you described it and how she tossed it onto the floor...I could have felt a bit of sadness for the faithful friend! ;^)
Soooo glad it was that easy for her..with my older daughter we waited tooooooo long..she was a little over 2 (when we started the process of "cutting")...I kept cutting and cutting and cutting...she could miraculously keep that thing in her mouth! It was a long term relationship and she was NOT giving up on it. :^)

Diane said...

Stay strong!! Just make sure there aren't any lurking around hiding. Our youngest, Clara had to have one in her mouth and one in each hand in order to go to sleep. We eliminated them all and lo and behold she found one somewhere under a bed and the whole process started over!!!