Sunday, September 7, 2008

catching up

I am happy to report that we are finally back to the land of the living. Ah, feels good! As promised, here are some photos from Maya's birthday party:

She was so excited that her family was there for her birthday!
She requested a "pink" birthday. So I had her in a pink dress, got some pink balloons, and made her this pink cake!Here she is digging into her delicious pink cake and some ice cream. Don't forget the pink spoon!
She still has not stopped wearing these. She already had one necklace, and thanks to Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachel, she has expanded her line of accessories. She could not be happier!
She loves her new dolly Olivia, or as she says, "O-Lydia", from Uncle Tim and Aunt B. She carries it around, gives her bottles, and even makes her sit in time-outs. Hilarious!
Our gift to her was a retro-looking Radio Flyer tricycle. It is so cute, I love it. These things are $40-$50 new, but thanks to my friend Kate, I got it from a second-hand shop for $15. It looks brand new! I just added some girly streamers and she's in love. Here are her and Gibson later that night, finding a way for 2 to ride!
We had so much fun at her party. We appreciate it even more in retrospect, because we see it was the calm before the storm. We are so thankful that she was feeling good for her birthday!


Brandy said...

Very cute pictures!

Marisa said...

Looks like a really fun day! Glad you are feeling better!