Thursday, September 25, 2008

on showing love

I am officially back from my trip to Denver. It was wonderful, restful, fun, everything I hoped it would be! It is also great to be home and see my sweethearts, I missed them. I will have more stories and pictures about my trip to come.
Last night Gibson and I read in his Bible about showing love to others. I wasn't sure if he was listening. The following was overheard this morning. Maya was stuck in her crib, crying, and wanting out.

Gibson: Maya, are you being mean?
Maya: NO!
Gibson: Maya, you need to show love. Can you show love to me please?
Maya: NO!
Gibson: But it says in my Bible that you have to show love!
Maya: NO!

Gibson came running into our room crying, saying, "Maya is not showing me love!". So we talked about how even when others aren't showing you love, you still show love to them. A learning opportunity...and also hilarious.

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Jenn said...

What a great teachable moment! Way to go!