Sunday, October 12, 2008

family hike

We visited the arboretum again on Friday. It was a perfectly sunny and breezy Fall day. We were just walking around when we decided to head out onto one of the trails we've never walked before. About an hour later we finally emerged! We were not expecting this very long and deep woods walk. We had so much fun though! I can't wait to go back when we are all prepared and with a lunch packed (we hit lunch time and thought we'd never make it out!). I certainly can't wait to explore some more. The colors were gorgeous. Here is a little taste:

The boys headed up the trail

Stopping for a little break

Little sister pulling up the rear, she couldn't keep up because she kept stopping to collect rocks, sticks, and leaves

I love this action shot of everyone racing down the path

Look at those colors!

These red leaves blanketing the ground were gorgeous

Tired and hungry Gibson, Daddy to the rescue

A special surprise at the end, we ran into our friends Cale, Kate, and Haven!


Diane said...

Oh, I love these pics!!! They make me want to jump and the car and race to Dayton. Enjoy the Ohio fall for me!!!

Carpenters said...

These pictures are so beautiful! You definitely have a gift. What a fun family hike! Thanks for sharing.

With Love,