Thursday, October 16, 2008

the night of the broken arm

Oh last night was eventful! As house church was finishing up, Gibson was wrestling with an older boy who also attends. They were just playing around when we heard the Gibson "very hurt cry" coming from the other room. He was just crying over and over that his wrist hurt. As soon as we took a look at the arm we knew it was broken. The odd bend in the arm was unmistakable. So off to the ER we went. I just have to say how proud I am of our little boy! He was much tougher than I ever could have been. He was amazingly brave. Of course it hurt, but he was his usual self telling jokes to all of the doctors and nurses. After getting the xrays we were told that we would have to take him to Children's to get the cast. A big shout out to Brian Pelph for coming over to stay with Maya. We put her to bed so we could both be with Gibson at the hospital. I am so glad we did that! He really needed both of us there. They took us right back and we filled out our paperwork. After a little while they finally got started putting the IV in. I was definitely dreading that part. I will spare the details, but they had a hard time getting it in and had to try a couple of times. Excruciating is a good word for the whole ordeal. Poor baby. We were able to go back to the room with him where they would reset the arm and cast it. They gave him the morphine and he was just laying there talking with us. Then they gave him something to relax him and make him loopy. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I was seriously laughing so hard I was crying. He could not stop laughing! He giggled and giggled at everything that was said. He then told me in between laughs that he wasn't supposed to have shoes on the bed and he wanted his socks off too. He then held up his foot and told me to smell them. He thought that was extra funny. He was seriously high! It was hilarious. Then they put him out (not hilarious) and got to work. We of course left for that. He woke up just fine and was asking for popsicles and if he could go play. He really was such a trooper. He sacked out when he was finally in his bed at 3am. A long, long night. He is doing good today, and only had a hard time falling asleep for his nap. He is running around here like nothing happened. We just have to keep reminding him to take it easy and also to watch how he swings that thing around! Wow that cast is hard and weighs a ton. It is on from his wrist to armpit and will be for the next 3 weeks. Then he will get a cast from wrist to elbow for another 3 weeks. Of course he is most excited for when he gets to pick a cast color next week. The front runner is black apparently. OK, on to what you really want to see, the pictures!

Here he is leaving the first hospital with a half cast onArriving at Children's sporting a tylenol-with-codeine-induced smile
In his full cast. Still talking away at 2am

Finally passed out and resting in his own bed at 3am

A few new matchbox cars helped out today

And a cool new batman mask!
Even Maya needs in on that action!


Brandy said...

We're so glad he is feeling like himself after such an ordeal! He looks so cute in that batman mask (Maya too). We love you Gibson!

drew, melissa, and jonas said...

Wow, what a trooper!! So glad that the whole ordeal went fairly well. For some reason that picture of him asleep struck me as so funny. What a cutie.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Craziness! My sister, Kim, has been posting lately about all the "scariness" of raising boys. Sounds like you two should talk! :-D You can check her out at

jenny said...

Oh, Amber...what a rough night. I can't believe they had to do a cast on his whole arm. Poor buddy. I am glad he was such a good sport about it all. Raising boys is crazy. Funny how out of our 3, the 2 boys have been the ones to need stitches. Let us know if you need anything.

Diane said...

I'm conflicted!! On one hand he looks so sad, seeing a little one with a cast on is hard. On the other hand, he really does look pretty tough with the Batman mask on. BTW--the vinyl tablecloth idea you posted did come in handy in the Smith household. You should post any cast tips so that when we are in the ER and dealing with the cast I'll know what to do. It's really just a matter of time!!!

Traci Nelms said...

I hope all is better in the Wing household. I didn't notice the cast at Reagan's party? Did I miss it? Crazy me!

Carpenters said...

Oh no! Poor guy! It sounds like he was very brave. Way to go Gibson. I hope the healing goes quickly.

With Love,