Tuesday, October 28, 2008

say what girl?

Thanks so much to Marisa, who awarded me with this Kreativ blog award.

I definitely consider myself a creative person. I like to photograph, decorate, sew, craft, bake, etc. The big problem here is that I don't do it often enough! I always feel like I have a million ideas swirling around in my head with no way to get out. Maybe this little award will inspire me to get busy already.

So this award calls for you to list seven things about yourself under each heading, but like the other ladies, I will just list a few.

What I did before: I was a preschool teacher for several years, and then became a nanny. I loved my nanny job and my little sweetheart Drew. I miss him like crazy!

What I do now: I have the amazing privilege to be able to stay at home with our children. I also have begun homeschooling our children (preschool) and I love it! I like using my old lesson planning skills. It is a major task always striving to be a better wife, mother, teacher, cook, caretaker, nurse, discipliner, and playmate! Here's the thing: I love my life!

What I'd like to do: More of everything I listed above, and do it all better. Also be a photographer. I dream of having a really good camera :)

What attracts me to my husband: So many things! He is an inspiring leader, the best dad I've ever seen, lets me put my feet on his lap when we sit on the couch (can't say I do the same), gives wonderful hugs, makes me laugh more than anyone else, he is so wise (really wise), and he's very passionate about the things, and people he cares about. I love him more than anything on this earth!

Favorite foods: Pretty much everything that's bad for you: pasta, ice cream, breads of all shapes and kinds. It is hard to try all the time to not eat your favorite foods! My palate has expanded with age (I say that like I'm 60 or something) so I like a lot of healthy food now too.

What I say most often: Normal conversations: "Seriously", "You know what I mean?", "Whatev", "Yikes" Mommy talk: "Be nice to each other!", "Obey right away", "Obey without complaining or arguing", "Use words, not whines", "Listen to my words"

Pick 7 other bloggers to tag:

1. Rachel is such a wonderful mommy! And I know she will have to use even more creative skillz once baby number two arrives!

2. Kate is astounding. This girl is about to have 5 girls and handles it all with amazing grace and humor!

3. Jeni is so creative and has created her own successful business. They have such adorable things!

4. Amy is a fellow photography lover. She is so very talented!

5. Penelope is one of the first blogs I read about Ethiopian adoption. Not only does she share my heart for adoption, but is so great at being creative in ways to benefit her home and family.

6. Katie has a job where she gets to be creative, and also take some great pictures of her family and also sunrises :) Oh, and she's totally a poet.

7. Phil Definitely will not do this, but I had to tag him anyway. He is one of the most musically creative people I know!

So many other people could be added to this list, and many have already received this little award. Love you all!

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philwing said...

maybe I will do it - that'll teach you to underestimate me!