Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gibson's Christmas

Gibson LOVED Christmas this year! His excitement could hardly be contained. It was also so cute how everywhere we went he told people how Christmas is all about Jesus' birthday.

Here he is in front of Grammy and Papaw's tree. He was finally at the age this year that he would actually pose for me in front of the tree: Here he is with some of his gifts all in one place. He also got a Curious George and has hugged him all night long ever since. And he got his own laptop which makes him feel very grown up. He amazes me with how much he can do on there! Oh, and I can't forget his big rig!
Reading the story of Jesus' birth with Daddy on Christmas morning:
He was so amped up to open presents. He was dancin' all over the place:
Look at that smile. It's like he knows Kung Fu Panda is in there. :)
Here he is looking mad because we were, "Taking too long to open presents!", at Gram and Grampa's house:
Dinosaurs from the Wing family:

They also got him his very own digital camera. Here's the little photog:

Gibson had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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