Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maya's Christmas

Since there are too many Christmas photos to share, I am going to do one post for each child. I'm sure our families will love that. :) Here is a little glimpse into Maya's Christmas:

Here she is in her little apron. We were baking iced sugar cookies at Aunt B's house:
Here she is receiving a stuffed Curious George at my parents' house. He has not left her side ever since. He officially has a place in her bed, too:
Christmas morning she ran out to find a book under the tree. So she just sat right down to read it! Who needs those other presents? The stocking is always a favorite. All of those little goodies! I think her favorites were the chocolate and the bubble bath. What a girl!She really has a thing for scarves these days. She was excited to get her very own this Christmas...pink, of course:Here she is in Michigan with Gram and Reagan opening her new dolly. She likes how she laughs when you tickle her belly!

Get ready to laugh! She got dress up clothes from the Wing side of the family, including this wonderful headband with hair: I mean, seriously. If you ever have a bad day, just look at this: As you can see, this girl had a VERY Merry Christmas!


Lisa R. said...

Amber! Your children are so incredibly beautiful! It looks like you had a blast at Christmas--you're a really excellent photographer :).

Happy Holidays!

Lisa (Heitmann) Ryno

.:rew:. said...

Love your posts on Christmas and the new background. :)