Tuesday, December 9, 2008

mile high

So I am finally getting around to our Denver trip! The kids were so excited to ride an airplane. Unfortunately, the day of the flight they were both having some stomach "issues". Not good for a day of travel! That made things more crazy than usual. You know, like running through the airport holding your 37 lb. son trying to get him to the potty in time. Fun! At least I got a good workout. Lugging all of our stuff through the airport was also interesting (people always say "interesting", when you know they mean "terrible"), and our sweet little girl was not so sweet that day. It is safe to say we were VERY happy when we arrived at our hotel that night! We just collapsed.
Here they are watching our plane pull up:

The next morning I was up to head to a coffeehouse, Paris on the Platte, with the wedding party:
The vanilla chai was soooo good! Here's the happy couple:

The next stop was our bridesmaid luncheon. We went to Tres Joli and it was delicious!
The college friends, me, Erin, and Emily:
On Friday we had free time all day before the rehearsal that evening. I was so excited to take Phil and the kids to Boulder and Estes Park. We had a great time, and just the drive up to Estes is worth it! Amazingly gorgeous. We had to get a picture with the mountains in the background:
Here is the bride and a few of her bridesmaids at the rehearsal. Emily, me, Jill, and Andrea:
The kids were so tired at the rehearsal dinner, and Maya finally gave it up. This NEVER happens, so I had to get a picture of her asleep on Daddy:
The bride and groom!:
The next day we had to get up very early to head to the airport. Seriously, the kids liked the shuttle rides better than the airplane. They thought it was the coolest thing ever:
The kids did so great in the airport and on the airplane on the way home. It was truly an answer to much prayer! Maya insisted on wearing her hat that day, and Aunt Rachel's scarf.
Our little jet-setter:


Brandy said...

I love all of the pictures! Maya will love the scarf you got her for Christmas! When did you change the look of your blog? I like it...very festive! I guess I have just been reading it through bloglines the last couple of times.

Traci Nelms said...

The pictures are great. I especially love the black/white one of you and Phil and the one of Maya asleep on Daddy. I'm glad you could all go out for the wedding!

cally said...

I love it! I grew up in Littleton and just the mention of Boulder and Estes makes me swoon. I love that place.