Saturday, May 24, 2008

beach babes

More to come...

Monday, May 19, 2008

100th post

I haven't posted in a while because I knew it would be post number 100. I know the whole bloggy tradition is to write 100 things about myself, and I just haven't had the time. We just returned last night from a week away with my family in Florida. Oh it was heavenly!
I feel like I'm not very interesting, but here we go anyway!

1. My name is Amber
2. I was born on September 15th
3. I grew up in Brookville, Indiana
4. I have one sister and one brother
5. I wrecked my bike and broke my collar bone in half when I was 4
6. My grandparents always lived next door
7. My siblings and I liked to fight...all the time
8. Maybe because we watched WWF and movies like, "Bloodsport"
9. I was a cheerleader in 6th grade
10. Then I moved on to dance in grades 7-12
11. Dance is a true love, and I miss it a lot
12. I guess I was a popular in high school
13. I also partied a lot...a lot
14. My parents made me go to a Christian college, but I didn't want to
15. I cried the whole drive there
16. I ended up loving it from day one
17. I wouldn't have made it past the first week without my friend Emily
18. We laughed a lot and did crazy things all of the time
19. I met my husband, Phil, my freshman year
20. We were best friends for a long time before we dated
21. We knew we were going to get married right away
22. I left college after 2 years because the cost was just too high at a private college
23. I'd love to finish my degree in the future
24. I became a pre-school teacher, and I loved it
25. I didn't love being sick ALL the time, apparently I have weak immune system or something
26. My husband proposed at my favorite park, Cox Arboretum
27. We got married 6 months later
28. It was almost 2 1/2 years after we first started dating
29. It was never a dream to get married in February, but by that time we just couldn't wait!
30. We went on our honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico
31. It was amazing, and we want to go back someday (sans kids)
32. We lived in a duplex where the guy that lived next door was always drunk
33. The walls were thin...ugh
34. My health was a mess the first year of our marriage
35. I had multiple tests done and was finally diagnosed with a stomach problem and bladder condition
36. I totaled our first was a nasty accident
37. See, I was a mess that first year!
38. We moved to a townhouse...I still miss that place
39. I went down to part-time at the preschool, and that was truly wonderful
40. Then I started working full-time again as a nanny
41. I miss my little baby Drew
42. He is in school now
43. But I get to watch his little brother next week, so hopefully I will get to see my big guy all grown up!
44. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years before conceiving
45. We were exploring adoption when I found out I was pregnant with Gibson
46. I was on a triple dose of fertility medication
47. I was just a tad hormonal :)
48. I was sick and miserable my entire pregnancy
49. I felt like myself again the second he left my body
50. I only had to push about 4 times to bring him into this world
51. I truly enjoyed a wonderful delivery
52. He was a great, laid-back baby from day one
53. He slept through the night from 6 weeks on...I'm talking 12 hours
54. Don't hate...I was blessed
55. We were told we'd always have to use medication to get pregnant
56. Maya was conceived, completely naturally, when Gibson was 7 1/2 months old
57. Surprise!
58. Bad news, I was sick my whole pregnancy again
59. Good news, it wasn't as bad...and I had a baby to take care of to distract me
60. My epidural tube was kinked during my labor
61. After they fixed it they checked me and I was dilated to 9
62. I would have told them to forget it if I knew that!
63. Once again, only a few pushes and she was here!
64. I paid my dues, and with much consistent sleep training, Maya still didn't sleep through the night until 6 months old
65. She is a strong and sassy little girl
66. She likes to try to beat up her big brother
67. I love seeing them become such good friends as they grow
68. Being a mom brings me so much joy
69. Parenting has only brought Phil and I closer
70. I love our date nights, and wish we had more
71. God called us to adopt from Ethiopia last year
72. We are now in process and loving it!
73. I can't wait to meet my sweet new baby next Spring/Summer
74. I am finding that bringing home a baby through adoption is just as emotional as being pregnant
75. I'm a mess already, crying at every little thing
76. Our house has been on the market for about 9 months now
77. I have days that I'm ready to give it up already
78. After this vacation I want to move south
79. I love warm weather
80. The beach gives me joy
81. I was so sad to leave it
82. It was a nice rest before coming home to a paper chasing whirlwind
83. I love to make lists
84. If I do something that wasn't already on the list, I will write it on there, just so I can cross it off
85. I can't stand to have my feet under the blankets when I sleep
86. I am a little claustrophobic
87. I'm also not a fan of heights
88. My biggest fear just might be mice
89. I wish I had a big garden, so we could live off the land :)
90. I like to read, but don't do it enough
91. I LOVE, LOVE music
92. Phil and I watch a lot of movies, we like it
93. I love our mini-van! (that's for you, all you SUV drivin' haters out there)
94. I have worked very hard to lose about 45 lbs. in the last year
95. I still have more before I meet my goal
96. It feels good to do it the healthy way, even though it's slow
97. I want to travel more places than I can count
98. If only it didn't cost so much darn money
99. I love my husband more than I ever knew was possible
100. Most importantly, Jesus has changed my life forever!

Wow, that took a long time. So there, a random 100 list about me!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


You can find out how the concert went here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a touch of honesty...

I am tired. I am stressed. I am not sure I'm handling it well.
Today has been a rough week. Phil has been very busy with work and planning so much for our concert tomorrow night. I am so thankful for the work he has done, so many things I would never have a clue about planning! He has worked hard and tirelessly. I love him and appreciate him so much! I miss him so much when he's not here. (see you on vacation baby, haha)
Meanwhile, things have been crazy on the home front. Maya has been injured more times than I can count, with a very bad spill last night. She has been a cranky mess (understandably after seeing her head literally bounce off of a metal stair!). Gibson has been very whiny every day and asking for Daddy a lot. The house is a mess. My list of to-do's is endless. And I'm low on patience.
Tonight while I was driving home with two screaming children in the backseat, I felt like I wanted to cry too. I started to pray, pleading for God to give me strength. It was then that I really put it all together and the tears finally came. Satan has been attacking my family hardcore! I believe God is going to do amazing things tomorrow night in the heart of people, and I believe the lives of orphans will be changed because of it. And Satan does not like that. I cried because I was filled with joy, and no longer frustration. I had joy because I know that God is bigger than it all! ALL. He is power. He is love. He is a father to the fatherless. He is. And Satan's got nothin' on that.
And now I