Thursday, September 25, 2008

on showing love

I am officially back from my trip to Denver. It was wonderful, restful, fun, everything I hoped it would be! It is also great to be home and see my sweethearts, I missed them. I will have more stories and pictures about my trip to come.
Last night Gibson and I read in his Bible about showing love to others. I wasn't sure if he was listening. The following was overheard this morning. Maya was stuck in her crib, crying, and wanting out.

Gibson: Maya, are you being mean?
Maya: NO!
Gibson: Maya, you need to show love. Can you show love to me please?
Maya: NO!
Gibson: But it says in my Bible that you have to show love!
Maya: NO!

Gibson came running into our room crying, saying, "Maya is not showing me love!". So we talked about how even when others aren't showing you love, you still show love to them. A learning opportunity...and also hilarious.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

we're the weird ones

Ike came rollin' in on Sunday. Crazy, crazy winds. I have never seen winds like this! Debris was falling everywhere, and neighbors' trees were snapping in half. It was wild. I am one of the weird people that likes dramatic weather. Not for people to get hurt, or things to get damaged...but I get excited about storms, blizzards, etc. Anyway! Our power went out around 1pm on Sunday afternoon. We just got it back this evening. It was a long haul, over 50 hrs. It really wasn't that bad though. We made it work, and had so much good quality time together. The kids played like crazy, with no morning PBS shows to help. We got to spend time with Phil since his office didn't have power. We spent our evenings by candlelight, talking about silly things...and deep things. I couldn't help but think about our baby and the people of Ethiopia. They regularly have power outages to conserve energy and water. They are tough people! So I sat in the dark and thought of our sweet baby in my arms.
The downside was that we lost a lot of the food in our fridge. We were able to salvage the expensive stuff in the freezer by taking it to a friend's house, and I was so thankful for that. Our next grocery trip will be a pricey one! But my fridge desperately needed to be cleaned out, and it might not have gotten done otherwise!
I am so thankful for power tonight. But mostly, I am thankful for my family. I wouldn't want to be stranded with anyone else!

Friday, September 12, 2008

a new fave

We have a new favorite meal here in the Wing household. The best part is that it is cheap, easy, and fast! It is awesome as a quick lunch for the kids, a yummy dinner, or even a party appetizer. They are tortilla pizzas! Pick your sauce, spread on a tortilla (don't overload on sauce!), top with your choice of ingredients and cheese. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 5 minutes. They come out thin, crispy, and delicious! Tonight we just had plain old pizza sauce and cheese. I haven't branched out too much yet, but I plan to. I am envisioning BBQ chicken (trying to recreate a Sips favorite!), thai chicken, and taco pizzas. Really the possibilities are endless! Let me know if you think of some good ones! Just sharing the thin and crispy love.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

love it!

I think my kids need this shirt! This website is just too cute, although a little pricey for this cheap momma!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the first day

Today was Gibson's first day of Tuesday School. A church in our area does a free program every Tuesday for 2.5 hours. Gib has been so excited about it he could hardly stand it. Of course, he had no problem with us leaving him there. He couldn't wait to play. When I picked him up I couldn't get too many details out of him, just that he liked it and had fun. I think he has many more fun times ahead! Here are a few shots:

He is in a phase of absolutely not wanting his picture taken. He really is excited for school here, just not for crazy Mommy taking one hundred photos.
Much happier now that we are in the van and ready to go!

Down the hallway to his classroom! He looked so cute (and old) with his cool orange backpack on.
Standing outside his room. Once again, happy to be there, just not happy about having his picture taken!Ready for a fun day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

catching up

I am happy to report that we are finally back to the land of the living. Ah, feels good! As promised, here are some photos from Maya's birthday party:

She was so excited that her family was there for her birthday!
She requested a "pink" birthday. So I had her in a pink dress, got some pink balloons, and made her this pink cake!Here she is digging into her delicious pink cake and some ice cream. Don't forget the pink spoon!
She still has not stopped wearing these. She already had one necklace, and thanks to Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachel, she has expanded her line of accessories. She could not be happier!
She loves her new dolly Olivia, or as she says, "O-Lydia", from Uncle Tim and Aunt B. She carries it around, gives her bottles, and even makes her sit in time-outs. Hilarious!
Our gift to her was a retro-looking Radio Flyer tricycle. It is so cute, I love it. These things are $40-$50 new, but thanks to my friend Kate, I got it from a second-hand shop for $15. It looks brand new! I just added some girly streamers and she's in love. Here are her and Gibson later that night, finding a way for 2 to ride!
We had so much fun at her party. We appreciate it even more in retrospect, because we see it was the calm before the storm. We are so thankful that she was feeling good for her birthday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Oh my good gracious. We have been really, really sick around here. It started last week with Phil. He had a few days of, shall we say, gastrointestinal distress. He wasn't feeling well, and on Thursday night I started feeling the same. I had extreme nausea and a terrible headache. Thankfully, I felt better on Friday. With Maya's birthday and her party the next day, I just did not have time to be sick. Her birthday went off without a hitch and we were all feeling great. Sunday morning we were on our way to Apex when I heard an unfortunate sound from the backseat. That's right, pukage. Maya was a mess, all over her new birthday dress and some other new gifts. Ah geez. So I pulled into the parking lot and cleaned up as much as I could. We had another incident on the way home. The rest of the day she wasn't much better. On Monday she seemed to be getting better and I just prayed Gib wouldn't be next. At 2 am, my worst fears were confirmed. As we flipped on the light to see the damage, we saw that Maya had puked too. Seriously?! I also forgot to mention that when we woke up to this, I was feeling terrible. I had it too! The puking from one, or all of us did not stop for hours. We were a pitiful sight, let me tell ya. I have always known I loved Phil, but he is my hero a million times over. He cleaned up more puke the last 5 days than anyone should ever have to in a lifetime. Yes, I just said 5 days. We are still here, and still puking. Not all of us, now Gib is the one bringing up the rear. Thankfully, Maya and I are doing much better and actually able to eat toast! And sip liquids! Gibson was able to keep down more Gatorade by teaspoon today, so we are thankful for that. The little victories are the only thing getting us through at this point! I just now feel good enough to survey the damage. I am wondering if our home will ever be in working order again. It is a disaster area of laundry, dishes, etc. Phil did the best he could, but was constantly tending to one of us. If I had extra money, you better believe I would be calling a maid service at this point!
I am so ready to just get back to the every day stuff!
Once things return a bit more to normal, I will post some party pics.