Tuesday, February 17, 2009

feeling nutty

So I was sitting here eating some peanuts for a little mid-day snack. I could seriously feel myself starting to get a headache. So what do I do? I google it! "Do peanuts give you headaches?". (My husband makes fun of me because my answer for everything is, "google it!") And sure enough, peanuts are a known trigger for headaches. I had no idea! I know that caffeine definitely does it to me, but apparently I need to be steering clear of peanuts now. Who knew? I also apparently should watch out for sauerkraut and pickled herring. Don't think I'll need to worry about that too much...

1 comment:

philwing said...

hah, you and your google searches.

don't worry, in the amount of peanut butter I eat, I'll take care of peanut content for both of us. :)