Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There is a church in our area that offers a free preschool.  Yes, I said free!  It is every Tuesday and runs September through November, and then January through March.  Gibson has loved it so, so much!  It also has been wonderful to have 2.5 hours every Tuesday to get my errands done!  Sunday night they celebrated the end of their time with a graduation program.  Each class performed several songs, and then did a few numbers with everyone together.  While Gibson's class was singing he started to dance.  It was so hilarious, because he was really getting into it.  The video I got of it was very blurry, so I hope his moves make the school's DVD!

Here he is on stage with his certificate:
Had to get a good shot of his school tshirt, he thinks it's very special:
Posing with his good buddy Haven:
He was really sad this morning when he asked what day it was.  It all sunk in that he would not be going to Tuesday School today.  I told him we would do lots of fun things this summer to make up for it!  He already can't wait to have new teachers and a new class in September.  Maya is also very excited, because she will be old enough to go too!

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