Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter this year full of fun and celebration.  Here is our weekend in pictures:

Dyeing eggs.  Thankfully our brown eggs took the color just fine!
Maya in her pretty Easter dress.  One of my good friends, Emily, bought this for her.  I am IN LOVE with it!!!
I was trying to get a good picture of them together.  Instead it looks a bit more like the Heimlich Maneuver is being performed
The mad dash for eggs
"More eggs please!"


Kate said...

That dress is TOO cute. Love it! And the cutie wearing it!

.:rew:. said...

Awesome pics of the kids! Can't wait for more Easters when the kids can do egg hunts together :)

Marisa said...

Great pics! I actually have some of the fabric that Maya's dress is made out of. I love it and it looks great on Maya

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I love that dress too! The kids look so cute!

Amanda said...

I know it hasn't been that long since I've seen Gibson, but he looks really TALL in these pics! Has he had a growing spurt? Looking forward to reconnecting with everybody this weekend :)

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Where did Emily find that cute dress! I LOVE it!