Thursday, April 23, 2009

happy birthday bear

Four years ago today, Mommy and Daddy were eagerly anticipating your arrival.  It was Spring, and everything was in full color.  I remember looking out the hospital window and seeing snow falling!  Before the day was done the big blooms on the trees were covered in snow.  I remember how beautiful it looked, seeing that new life covered in pure white.  The blessings of that day were just beginning.  When I saw your face I immediately loved you, and loved you deeply.  I knew our lives would never be the same!  Turns out I was right.  

You are the most sweet and wonderful little boy I have ever met.  It doesn't matter what is happening, you always can put a smile on our faces!  You are so joyful and enjoy every part of life.  You love to be around people and thrive on being the entertainment.  :)  Your specialty these days is joke-telling, but I'm partial to the dancing.  You also are a master story-teller!  From the time you could talk you've been telling stories.  Your imagination is truly amazing.  

I think I could talk all day just about all of the things I love about you.  But the bottom line is this: I just feel blessed to be a part of your life.  I thank God every day for you my darling.  
I hope your day is wonderful.  
I love you!

*Lots of pictures from our birthday shoot will be loaded on facebook today.  Just wanted to let friends and family know!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Gibson! I hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating him!

.:rew:. said...

OK, need a box of Kleenex after reading that! Happy bday, Gibson! We love you so much. Jesus blessed us so much by allowing us to be in your family. :)

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Gibson! You are a special little guy!

Brandy said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Gibson! It was so fun spending time with you today! But, I must say, you're growing up too fast!!! We love you!

Karen said...

Gib, please slow down you're growing up much too fast!We love you very much and hope you had a great 4th birthday!!! Grammy&Pappaw