Sunday, April 26, 2009

he's 4

We had a wonderful day on Thursday celebrating Gibson.  We didn't have a big fancy party, just fun quality time as a family.  I love this little boy so much!  I gave him options for breakfast:  pancakes, french toast, eggs, oatmeal, etc.  I told him I would make him anything his little heart desired.  He picked oatmeal.  Daddy was mad.  :)  Then we had a fun morning playing whatever games he wanted.  For lunch I took the kids to meet Daddy while I had lunch with a friend.  Phil took the kids to Cici's Pizza at Gibson's request and then to the park.  He really loved having special time with just Daddy for his birthday.  After naps we resumed the fun (not that naps aren't least for me!) and started opening presents.  Then it was dinner time, cake time, bath time, play outside time!  Whew...then bed time!  Here are some snapshots of our day...
Balloons!  We are still at the age when balloons can pass as a very cheap birthday present.
I have flip-flopped every year between baking a cake or picking one up from our most favorite bakery.  They have THE BEST buttercream icing.  This year I went the easy route.  Here's a little tip:  Buy some cheap birthday confetti from the party supply store for 1.99 and just stick it in the cake (That's what I used last year when I made him this).  Gibson was so excited to have a Batman cake, and I was excited not to pay the big price for a character cake.
Here he is sporting his sweet new cape.  It is reversible to Batman so he can save people however the mood strikes.
Riding his new scooter.
I love this smile.  He was loving life at this moment.
Making a wish!
Yes Maya was there too.  Anyone who knows her can be certain she would not miss out on cake under any circumstance.
All done!

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Marisa said...

love the pictures! It sounds like a great day! I love the confetti idea for the cake. I will most likely steal that idea in 4 weeks!