Monday, May 18, 2009

a few of their favorite things...

Today I asked Gibson and Maya about some of their favorite things.  It was so fun documenting where they are right now and what they're enjoying.  I asked, they answered.  Hopefully I can do this every so often to see how things change!

Favorite color:
Gibson- blue and green
Maya- pink and purple

Favorite food:
G- spaghetti
M- bananas

Favorite song:
G- Life is a Highway (from the Cars movie)
M- ABC's

Favorite movie:
G- Meet the Robinson's
M- Aladdin

Favorite thing to do:
G- going to Tuesday school and playing with race cars
M- play and sing and dance

Favorite toy:
G- my race cars
M- my babies

Favorite animal:
G- bears
M- a cow

Favorite place to go:
G- I love Toys R Us (you know, since he's been once in his life)
M- Josh and Emily's house

Favorite game to play:
G- hide and seek
M- no comment

Favorite book:
G- Bear Snores On

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