Monday, May 18, 2009

he's a smart one

Gibson is our deep thinker and he has been full of deep spiritual questions lately.  He really ponders things and tries to figure them out.  On the road to figuring them out lies many, MANY questions.  It wears this Mama out sometimes!  But I keep on obliging because I know how much he really loves to learn about the way things work.  He showed me today he's been listening. 
On our way to see Phil at the studio tonight, this was our conversation:
G:  So, God created everything?
Me:  That's right honey, God made the whole Earth and everything in it.  
G:  I did know that.  
(Well then why did you ask?!  I think he was just looking out the window and thinking about how God had made it all.)

About 1.5 hrs later we were driving home.  Out of nowhere the subject came up again.  
G:  Mom, you said God made the whole Earth?
Me:  Yes.
G:  Right.  But He didn't actually have to MAKE it.
Me:  Well yes he did sweetie, He made it all.
G:  No Mom.  He just had to speak it and it was all here.

Wow.  Schooled by my newly turned 4-year-old.  
...Genesis 1...

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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Haha, oh my word. They are listening, and remember everything! Smart little man!