Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a new phase

When each of our babies came home, we placed them snugly in the pack n play bassinet beside our bed to sleep each night. There they remained for 6 weeks until they were ready to transition to their crib and not wake so often for feedings. We stayed with the trend, and placed Silas in that same bed when we arrived home. Tonight he slept in his new crib (new to him, even though it's on it's 3rd kid) in the next room over with his big brother. He was ready, he's been sleeping through the night since the 2nd week he was home. I didn't even realize it until I looked at the calendar, but it was exactly 6 weeks from when we first laid eyes on him.
I remember the first nights that Gibson and Maya were across the hall. I didn't sleep well, I stared at the little lines on the monitor when I thought I heard a sound, and all kind of irrational thoughts went through my head about their safety. They were no longer within arms reach. For some reason I thought it wouldn't be that way with Silas. He is almost a year old after all, and they were just tiny newborns. I think I was wrong.
Phil was at a meeting late last night, so there I laid in our bed alone, listening to the silence. No snoring husband (love you babe!) and no little baby breaths and gentle rustling to keep me company. And I was sadder than I thought I'd be. It will be a new phase that is better for all of us, but just made me a little sad to wave goodbye to the old one.
The first night with the boys in the same room was a success, and this morning I walked in to see a very happy baby sitting up in his crib clapping.
I think we can get used to that.


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

He is such a little cutie!

Marisa said...

He is too sweet! Love those eyes!

Melodie Monberg said...

Ah...we so badly want them to sleep through the night and then mourn when they do...LOVE your post...looking forward to the sleeping through the night stage...but will miss those wake up calls and cuddles at 1 am. He is getting cuter by the minute...LOVE IT!

jenny said...

Such a sweet boy! He really is so stinkin cute! Glad to hear that he has made the transition to a different room smoothly.

.:rew:. said...

I love how in the first pic he looks like he's giving someone the look. :)