Sunday, November 1, 2009

little tricky treaters

We had such a fun day yesterday. Phil was gone for work all day, and since it's no fun to trick or treat alone, we headed to Brookville, Indiana (my hometown). The kids got to snag candy with their cousins and as Gibson said, "It was awesome!" Silas also had an amazing day and happily let my whole family hold him. It was a nice break for me! He had a ball just hanging out. He also showed off his new skill...calling me mama! He started saying it to me on Thursday but I was still unsure. I'm definitely sure now that he knows. He says it so sweetly and it's music to my ears. Now on to the pictures!

All the little cousins in a row
They were adorable and had such a great time going around the neighborhood.
And then there's this one...
How could he do this to me?!
Goodness gracious.