Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silas at one

I'm so behind in the blogging arena but wanted to post a few of the little mini-shoot I did with Silas right after his birthday last month.

In his traditional Ethiopian gear. He was NOT cooperating when we were doing this so this was the best shot I managed.
It was a warm November day!
These eyes of his are amazing!
He's just so squeezable!
"I'm SO BIG!"
Serious face.
He loves to point and say, "Dat?"
Country livin baby.


Jeremy and Jeni said...

Those are really cute pictures of Silas!! What a sweet boy you have.

jenny said...

He's is seriously beautiful! Love these pics....what a blessing God has given you!

Karen said...

Great pictures Am, beautiful subject!!! Mom

Marisa said...

Could he get any cuter? I love his traditional clothing!