Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The season's first round of running through the hose was a rousing success:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

never a dull moment

So the doorknob on Maya's door has been sticking lately.  I've only had a few times of panic when I thought, "Oh crap, I'm really not going to be able to get this girl out!".  Getting a new doorknob just hasn't been at the top of our list lately, plus I thought I'd figured out the trick to getting it open.  
I thought wrong.
Today I went to get her up from her nap and I couldn't get it open.  I seriously tried everything.  Finally I knew I just needed to take off the whole knob.  I did that with no problem at all, but the part still in the door would not budge.  Not one little bit.  I called Phil for a little guidance (PLEASE HELP!!!).  He suggested I get some pliers and try to use my huge muscles to pull it out.  I tried.  I failed.  Finally I called him and just said there was no way I could get it open.  So Phil said he would come home right away.  What else could we do?!  You know, other than Gibson's suggestion to call 911.
Look at those little fingers:
At this point I seriously had to keep myself in check so I didn't flip out.  I wasn't even the one stuck and I was about to have a claustrophobic breakdown.  Maya on the other hand was doing just fine.  She had one moment where she started crying and just really wanted out.  So I slipped her a granola bar under the door and that perked her up fast.  
 About 15-20 minutes later Phil got home to assess the sitchiation.  After trying his best to get it open and listen to Gibson say, "Daddy are you done with the flashlight?  Can I have it?" approximately 15 times, Phil declared it un-openable.
So he broke the door down.  And I think it filled a secret dream of his.
Now we're wishing we would have just found the time for that new doorknob.  Now we need a whole new door...

Monday, May 18, 2009

he's a smart one

Gibson is our deep thinker and he has been full of deep spiritual questions lately.  He really ponders things and tries to figure them out.  On the road to figuring them out lies many, MANY questions.  It wears this Mama out sometimes!  But I keep on obliging because I know how much he really loves to learn about the way things work.  He showed me today he's been listening. 
On our way to see Phil at the studio tonight, this was our conversation:
G:  So, God created everything?
Me:  That's right honey, God made the whole Earth and everything in it.  
G:  I did know that.  
(Well then why did you ask?!  I think he was just looking out the window and thinking about how God had made it all.)

About 1.5 hrs later we were driving home.  Out of nowhere the subject came up again.  
G:  Mom, you said God made the whole Earth?
Me:  Yes.
G:  Right.  But He didn't actually have to MAKE it.
Me:  Well yes he did sweetie, He made it all.
G:  No Mom.  He just had to speak it and it was all here.

Wow.  Schooled by my newly turned 4-year-old.  
...Genesis 1...

a few of their favorite things...

Today I asked Gibson and Maya about some of their favorite things.  It was so fun documenting where they are right now and what they're enjoying.  I asked, they answered.  Hopefully I can do this every so often to see how things change!

Favorite color:
Gibson- blue and green
Maya- pink and purple

Favorite food:
G- spaghetti
M- bananas

Favorite song:
G- Life is a Highway (from the Cars movie)
M- ABC's

Favorite movie:
G- Meet the Robinson's
M- Aladdin

Favorite thing to do:
G- going to Tuesday school and playing with race cars
M- play and sing and dance

Favorite toy:
G- my race cars
M- my babies

Favorite animal:
G- bears
M- a cow

Favorite place to go:
G- I love Toys R Us (you know, since he's been once in his life)
M- Josh and Emily's house

Favorite game to play:
G- hide and seek
M- no comment

Favorite book:
G- Bear Snores On