Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a new phase

When each of our babies came home, we placed them snugly in the pack n play bassinet beside our bed to sleep each night. There they remained for 6 weeks until they were ready to transition to their crib and not wake so often for feedings. We stayed with the trend, and placed Silas in that same bed when we arrived home. Tonight he slept in his new crib (new to him, even though it's on it's 3rd kid) in the next room over with his big brother. He was ready, he's been sleeping through the night since the 2nd week he was home. I didn't even realize it until I looked at the calendar, but it was exactly 6 weeks from when we first laid eyes on him.
I remember the first nights that Gibson and Maya were across the hall. I didn't sleep well, I stared at the little lines on the monitor when I thought I heard a sound, and all kind of irrational thoughts went through my head about their safety. They were no longer within arms reach. For some reason I thought it wouldn't be that way with Silas. He is almost a year old after all, and they were just tiny newborns. I think I was wrong.
Phil was at a meeting late last night, so there I laid in our bed alone, listening to the silence. No snoring husband (love you babe!) and no little baby breaths and gentle rustling to keep me company. And I was sadder than I thought I'd be. It will be a new phase that is better for all of us, but just made me a little sad to wave goodbye to the old one.
The first night with the boys in the same room was a success, and this morning I walked in to see a very happy baby sitting up in his crib clapping.
I think we can get used to that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

oh my heart

Out of nowhere from Gibson today:

"Mom, when I grow up I'm going to go to Africa someday."

Why Gibson?

"Because I'm going to go adopt a baby. I'm going to grow a boy and a girl, and then I'm going to go adopt a boy and a girl, too."

And then I sat there with tears welling in my eyes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

one month

One month ago today we met our son for the first time. It was such a joyous day. Phil and I talked that night about how the day literally could not have been more perfect. He smiled at us, snuggled us, and we were TOUCHING him after all that time! It was like a dream and we were in love! The last month has not been easy. It has been filled with ups and downs...physically and emotionally. I feel like we're finally finding our groove and what our life looks like as a new family of 5!
What he's been up to the last month:
-Learned to wave hi/bye-bye
-Sign for "more"
-Claps his hands and sometimes says "yay" while clapping
-Blows kisses
-His army crawl has taken off!
-He could hardly bear weight on his legs and now he stands for long periods of time and loves it!
-He eats like a MAN. He loves food and we literally have not found one thing he doesn't like, and he eats everything!
-He smiles so easily. His little giggle is coming out all the time and we love it. This boy is ticklish!
-Two new teeth coming in!
-Says "mama" and "dada" a lot, but we still aren't sure if he's actually calling us that.
-Says "na-na" while shaking his head no. He has learned that one quickly!

We love our sweet boy! It's hard to believe in a few short weeks he will be turning 1!!!

One month ago today:
A few days ago:

Monday, October 12, 2009


So is it weird that I look at these on my kitchen window and I kinda don't want to clean them off?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

long time no see!

Has it really been 2 months since I posted something here? I've wondered if I should recap what's happened while I was away, although some of that was done over here. Instead I think I'll just jump right in as if I never left. OK? And give things a cutsey facelift while I'm at it.
We have been housebound! We've had little colds and with Silas' low white blood cell counts, we just can't risk the public. Sometimes it's nice, sometimes I want to pull my hair out. This could be a long cold/flu season! It's time to pull out the crafts, kids, otherwise mama might go crazy.
Gibson and Maya are such good siblings to Silas. They adore him and almost smother him with love. We were all excited to see his latest trick this morning- blowing kisses! So cute.
Time for some pics!

I pulled this hat out last night before his bed time. So far, this boy HATES anything on his head, especially hats. So far so good...
How could you hate hats when you look this cute in them?
Uh oh, here we go...
"I HATE THIS HAT!!!!!!!"
There we go. Happy dear?