Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silas at one

I'm so behind in the blogging arena but wanted to post a few of the little mini-shoot I did with Silas right after his birthday last month.

In his traditional Ethiopian gear. He was NOT cooperating when we were doing this so this was the best shot I managed.
It was a warm November day!
These eyes of his are amazing!
He's just so squeezable!
"I'm SO BIG!"
Serious face.
He loves to point and say, "Dat?"
Country livin baby.

Monday, December 7, 2009

just a quick rant-sorry

Oh Kroger...I love you and I hate you. The Kroger near our house has been under renovation for 4 months or longer. It has been chaos, with everything in a different place every time you visit. I seriously would have rather them shut it completely down for 2 weeks and just get it done. Apparently the grand re-opening is tomorrow because they were hanging the flags when I pulled in the parking lot. My first thought was why on earth is it so crowded on a Monday morning? It was more crowded today than it was when I lost my mind a few weeks ago and went the day before Thanksgiving. It was also packed with extra workers getting ready for tomorrow's big celebration (not sure it will be, but they sure acted like it). Almost every aisle was blocked for stocking and did I mention is was more crowded than the day before Thanksgiving? Not only could you not get through but people were being downright rude! Christmas spirit people-find some.
The two oldest came with me today (Silas was at the dr with Daddy, but that's another story). I have recently been so proud of Gibson and Maya because they have been just wonderful in stores, listening, being polite, etc. Well apparently they decided they'd rather not behave today. They argued, pushed and shoved each other, and sang loud for all to hear. I had to stop quite a few times to reprimand in the midst of my coupon flipping.
I finally got up to the check out so I could get the heck outta dodge. My back was screaming at me (I injured it really badly last weekend and I've been going stir-crazy sitting at home) and I needed to go! We checked out, I paid, and I was pushing us away from the register. Just then one of my worst fears was again realized...the girl behind me propelled her cart forward nailing me right in the heel. I could have punched her. Of course I did not, I politely told her, "Oh it's OK!". Yeah, not OK. After limping to the van I loaded the groceries and buckled the kids in. I was backed out of our space and just getting ready to hit the road running when I looked over and saw a car backing up and they were headed straight for us! I laid on the horn and they seriously missed us by an inch. At this point I really wondered if I'd make it home alive.
We pulled in the drive way...home at last! I opened the back hatch to unload and down came crashing one of my bags. Yep, you guessed it, it was the one with the eggs in it. As it was falling I dropped my purse in an effort to rescue the falling bag. It was like slow motion. Well, I missed and in the process my phone fell out of my purse and into pieces on the pavement. I almost sat down criss-cross applesauce to cry right there in my driveway. Thankfully my sweet husband was home and finished unloading for me. By the way we miraculously only lost two eggs in the tragedy.
So here I sit, icing my back, eating my lunch. I am no longer stir-crazy, in fact I might not leave the house ever again!

**edited to add: how could I have forgotten the lady who hit my cart, causing me to drop my coupon holder only to have them scatter all over the floor?! And she just kept walking with no apology. Phew. Ok, now that I have it all out I can move on.