Friday, December 31, 2010

blueberry yumminess

So I decided to go out on a limb last week and get all crazy.  I made a brand spankin new recipe on Christmas morning.  I mean, really, it could have really could have gone either way.  Make or break.  But let me tell you, the natives were DELIGHTED.  It was so delicious and I have been asked to make it on the weekly.  But I kind of doubt Mama can do that because it's not the healthiest.  And believe it or not, I even made it "healthier" than the original Mrs. Deen recipe.  I also changed a few things according to the way things went while I made it.  I can never just leave a recipe alone!
So if you're looking for something special to please your crowd, this is a good one!

-1/2 c. packed light brown sugar
-1/2 t. cinnamon
-10 refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
- 3/4 stick of butter, melted
- 1 c. quick cooking oats (you can even use the packets, any flavor you have)
- 1 c. fresh or frozen blueberries
- 1 T. sugar

Preheat oven to 375.  Grease 9x13 pan.  In a small bowl combine the brown sugar and cinnamon and mix. Separate biscuit dough and cut each one into quarters.  Dip each piece into melted butter, then coat with brown sugar mixture.  Arrange in a single layer, fitting them together like cobblestones.  Sprinkle with 1/2 of your oats.  In a small bowl toss blueberries with sugar and then spoon blueberries on top of the biscuits and oats.  Sprinkle with remaining 1/2 of your oats.  Drizzle any remaining butter on top.  Bake for 25 min. or until center is cooked through.
Serve warm.
Enjoy each bite.
Lick your lips.
Take a nap.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

festive pillow

A few years ago I found an adorable little Christmas fabric.  I made my Mom a pillow for Christmas and had enough leftover to make one for myself.  Well, my sister has been jealous since.  In fact she has threatened bodily harm.  Not really, but that does make the story more dramatic.  However, I searched for the fabric everywhere and it was nowhere to be found!!!  I even searched online to no avail.  I mean, you can usually hunt down anything online and I have some mad googling skillz.  Lo and behold, a handkerchief of all things was found at Hobby Lobby last year!  So this year, I got busy sewing and made my lovely sister a pillow.  I really love how it turned out!

The finished product.  Mine is just plain but I like how hers turned out with a little layered flower and button:

Linen backed.  What is it about linen that is just SO yummy?!

The little sledding children (scarves flying) are my fave.  :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

winter wonderland

a moment caught in time.  climbing up to see the dancing snowflakes.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

cozy door sweater

My friend Kate directed me to the cuteness on Etsy (where else?!) that is the door sweater.  You can check out some inspiration here and here.  Kate made a cute one a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog.  I wrapped mine one night several weeks ago and finally got the ruffle done this weekend.  It's about time, Christmas is right around the corner!  This is so easy and so cute, I just might have to make one for every season.  :)  There are such awesome, elaborate ones on Etsy, but I decided to go simple for my first go at it.  Oh, and mine cost about $7 to make!

Here she is basking in the glow of the winter storm outside:
 I propped it in the window for light, but it really hangs on a door.  :)
 This old wooden button was a last minute addition and I love it:
 I left the edges of the ruffle unfinished and imperfect.  
 Loving my fuzzy, cozy door sweater!

Friday, December 10, 2010


If you haven't watched this MUST.  You won't be sorry you took the time to do so.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Now that I'm caught up with client editing and can take a little break for myself, I wanted to try to get some good portraits of the kids. Since I am so not a fan of artificial studio lights for photos, you have to look for natural light wherever you can find it in the winter!  Our kitchen window is pretty wide and gets good light so I set up shop.  I mean...these 3...I just can't get enough!

*click on photos to see larger.  my bloggity format won't allow me to post them all big and beautiful :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


"Mom, sometimes when I'm in my room and I'm singing I sound like Daddy singing.  I really think that's pretty special.  And then other times I sound like Jimmy Fallon."

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Apex has been collecting Operation Christmas Child boxes for several years now.  We set a goal each year, but this year's goal was bigger than ever.  I will admit when Rob said our goal was 5200 this year...I doubted a bit on the inside.  That was more than we'd ever collected and I just honestly wondered if it was possible.  Um, can I tell you this is what just one half of the stage looked like this morning?!  OVER 5200 boxes were collected...5625 to be exact!!!  Who knew a bunch of shoeboxes could bring you to tears?  Each of these boxes will be delivered to a child who will hear all about an amazing Savior who loves them more than they can imagine.

*thanks for the pic rochelle :)

This is why we pack those boxes!!!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

goat-1, gibson-0

I added a pic a few posts ago with Gibson and a goat having a stare down.  The funny thing is, I had never even noticed that aspect of the photo, I just liked it because it was Papaw hanging out with the boys. After I noticed (and captioned it), I just can not stop laughing about it.  I have no idea why it's amusing me so.  It has just undone me!  This, paired with the fact that I cried (twice!) today while watching Nanny McPhee Returns, shows me I REALLY need to get out more.  

I'm off to laugh myself into oblivion after seeing this cropped version.  But seriously, does this goat have a chip on his shoulder or what?!
*go ahead and click on the pic to make it even bigger.  you know you want to.  no?  ok, guess its just me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

link love

I have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with this site.  It's called The Sweetest Occasion and there is just inspiration for days.  I just keep clicking through the archives.  If anyone wants to plan a fabulous party, let me know and Ciao Bella will come photograph it for you. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

fall fun

Since this blog is my little virtual scrapbook, I wanted to catch up on just a few of our Fall happenings.  Christmas will be here before we know it!
Back in mid-October we took advantage of a gorgeous day and headed to Indiana to meet up with my family.  We had a day of big fun planned:  Cracker Barrel  for lunch and then the orchard.  And well, that's it.  You thought I was going to list more things for "big fun", right?  Never underestimate my boringness.  
After a delicious, chaotic lunch we headed over to the orchard.  We planned on riding out to pick apples, go through the petting zoo, *wash hands* and then eat some apple cider donuts.  Sounds like a plan to me!  We had 5 children in tow, so once we got them calmed from their sensory overload we went to ask about the apple picking.  What do you know, they were no longer taking people out to pick.  What a bummer!  So we got all the sticky fingers off of the apples and candy in the store, and headed over to the petting zoo.  They really loved this part and had a good time walking around looking at everything.  After the smells we encountered on this little tour I wasn't feeling too hungry.  But come on, there's ALWAYS room for a donut.  So we headed in for some warm, soft goodness.  Lo and behold...they.only.make.them.on.the.weekends.  Excuse me, WHAT?!  We were a little (a lot) sad so we loaded up and hit the road.  So basically we drove to the middle of nowhere to look at a few stinky animals.  But the kids had fun so that's all that matters, right?  Right.  Plus, the girls got to run into Warm Glow and I am enjoying some straight up delicious smelling candles right now.  I haven't had one in awhile, and every fall/winter I just need one or two.  Or three.  A few of my fave scents:  Hot Apple Butter, Morning Latte, Banana Nut Bread, Carrot Cake, and Evening Mocha.  I like ma candles edible.
Another positive of the day?  Snagging some cute pics.

Lil Silasito.
 Lashes for days.  No Latisse necessary.
 Squeezy brothers.
 He likes to beatbox in this shirt.
 Lulu.  Too cute for her own good, isn't she?
 Bff's checking out the goats.
 Gib and the goat having a stare down.  Wonder who won?
 On the run...
 My darling nephews.
 This big ol' thang was just laying out in the sun.  The kids couldn't believe he wasn't in a pen!  (Neither could I...)
 Baby got bangs.
 Grammy showing the kids a little wooly worm.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I KNOW.  2 posts within days of each other.  Watch out.
I haven't done this in awhile and like to do it randomly just to look back on one day.
It's favorites interview time with Gibson and Maya (and eventually Silas once he's conversational :))!

G-  black, white, and green.  I can't choose!
M- red shiny sparkly

G-  Incredibles
M-  Madeline

Place to go:
G-  the movies
M-  to get ice cream

G-  Tyler
M-  Ocean

Game to play:
G-  Memory
M-  Memory

G-  Charlie's Superhero Underpants
M-  princesses and Bambi

G-  mexican from El Toro
M-  treats

G-  Prisoner (NeedToBreathe)
M-  Away in a Manger

G-  lion
M-  pony and unicorn

G-  lego star wars stuff
M-  my ponies

most recent pic of these 2

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I know, I know, I've been gone 5 million years.  But I've got good reason to return today!  My sweet lil baby is turning 2!  In so many ways I can't believe it, but then he gives me that defiant glare and I'm all, oh yeah, he's 2.  

My sweet darlin you are 2!  You are such a joy to our family and you provide endless giggles.  I have never wanted to kiss someone so endlessly.  There is something about your sweet little chocolatey skin that beckons my lips.  You're just so smoochable!  You are never allowed to get tired of my kisses, for I fear I may never stop-regardless of your age.  Or mine for that matter.
You are so content to just hang out and play, especially if your sister isn't all up in your business.  Cars, Melmo (aka Elmo), beads, and balls are a few of your favorite things.  You can stare at a rolling matchbox care for 30 min straight!  You also sing from morning until night.  People stop me in the stores just to ask about this singing baby!  You always astound us by knowing the tune to a song you've only heard a few times.  Yep, you're one musical little guy.
You have taught me so much about how to be a better momma.  This bond, this trust, this love we've been working on?  Sometimes it was just plain hard.   But baby it was all worth it for where we are today! 
We will celebrate you today, eat cupcakes, and open presents.  We'll thank Jesus once again that you're forever a part of our family.  And I'll think of the sweet woman who carried you, birthed you, and took care of you for your first 6 months of life.  She remembered your birthday and was very specific about telling it when she had to sign those papers.  I know this day was important to her.  So we're going to do it up right!  But my heart is also with her as I'm sure she misses you today and wonders how you are.  Make no mistake you are LOVED on two continents.  
I love you baby boy.  I hope your birthday is as happy as can be.

Is he full of personality or what?  :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

school darling little boy is officially a kindergartener. Last Monday, the 23rd, was our first day. Even though we're schooling at home I thought I might get all emotional up in here, but I didn't at all! I was just as excited to get underway as he was. I thought I was in the clear, so the tears surprised me on Saturday. We were at the evening gathering of our church and they called in all of the school age kids to pray for them and the new year. I saw him march down that aisle with his class and that's when it hit me. I have a school age child. I have tears just thinking about that moment. He looked so big. I was suddenly consumed with pride, happiness, teeny bit of sadness, excitement, remembering his first breath and wanting to run down there and scoop him up, yet seeing him look like a little man...good gracious it's a crazy, jumbled thing being a mama! He is loving EVERY SINGLE SECOND of school and I couldn't be more proud of him. He is learning something new every day and I love that I get to be here to witness it and build within him a love for learning. What a sweet, sweet privilege.

So here he is, day 1:
I just have to squeeze him sometimes!
Daddy with all of his babes:
Of course it was Maya's first day too!
These two are such good buds and it's the cutest. Love this pic:
I had just gotten back from a workout, so be forgiving :). He looks adorable with his little pursed lips though!
And of course little Bubs was there, still decked out in his jam jams. Goodness he's scrumptious!
Here's to a great year!!!