Monday, January 25, 2010

little happies

Here are a few things recently added to our comfy home that just make me happy every time I look at them:

I bought these cuties over the weekend. What are they? Salt and pepper shakers! I have been on the lookout for some unique ones (and can't seem to get my sister's awesome ones out of my mind), and my search is finally over. Don't they look so happy snuggled up next to each other? I feel like I will just have to smile every time I use them, especially knowing that I only paid $3 for the pair. Little darlings.
My sister got me this Anthro spice jar for Christmas. She got me the "5" since we have 5 people in our family right now. Also because when I was young every story started with, "When I was 5...". Thanks B, I love it. The white jar, the black number, and the cork. Perfection.
My Mom got me this large white pitcher for Christmas. I love it and it makes me feel loved knowing that she can pick the perfect gift for me! It looks so yummy up on my shelf. Don't you just want to pour something?
I also picked up this small monogrammed plate over the weekend. I love it nestled into the shelf in our living room. Kate, thanks for being my voice of reason and saying, "Buy it, it's a DOLLAR". I'm a little cheap. :) So glad I scraped up that dollar, I'm loving it.
My Mom also got me this white crock for Christmas. I initially thought I'd use it in the kitchen but then plopped this plant into it one day and loved the way it looked. I'm sure this baby will move all around my house at some point. For now, I like it on this little table. If you are a clean freak ignore the dust. Also feel free to never come to my house.

I love making our house feel like a home!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Cute, cute! Love the salt and pepper shakers!

Jessica said...

Love the new layout...and all of your decorating cuteness (and I want to steal the salt and pepper shakers :)!!)

Marisa said...

I love all the little touches in your home. Those salt and pepper shakers are the best!!!! They are so ADORABLE! I've been needing a set, so you might want to hide them when I come over :)

Brandy said...

Love the home pics and your new salt & pepper shakers!