Sunday, February 28, 2010


Normally the only TV that the kids are allowed to watch is PBS and the occasional America's Funniest Home Videos. However, with the Olympics on we have let them watch some of it and they've loved it! Gibson has proclaimed that he now wants to be a snowboarder or a ski jumper. In other ways I'm ready for it to be over because those folks in advertising? Yeah, they're good at their jobs. Just an hour ago Gibson told me that we should get DirectTV. After I nicely told him that's not gonna happen he told me that when he grows up he's buying DirectTV because if a movie comes on and he misses the beginning he can just record it and then watch it whenever he wants. About 5 minutes later I saw the commercial and it was practically word for word! After he got done with his pitch Maya came over and told me that she can't wait to grow up because she's going to buy some of that stuff to clean her sink drains. Hilarious, but I'm ready for them to be back to PBS!
Here is a funny conversation that happened between the two of them during lunch today.
G: When I grow up and get married I'm going to have 5 kids! Their names are gonna be John, Mikey, Elliot, Johnny (not to be confused with his brother John apparently), and Lily.
M: Well my kids are gonna be Lily and Jessica!
G: I'm going to live somewhere where it snows all the time so I can be a snowboarder.
M: But Gibson you'll be so cold there!
G: No I won't, I'll wear a special suit to protect me from the wind. But I'm not gonna wear that helmet! (what does he have against cranial safety?)
M: But you can't live far away, I wanted to live with you!
G: OK, where are you gonna live?
M: Ummmmm, California. (maybe they've inherited my love of the ocean and, well...warmth)
G: Actually I changed my mind and I'm gonna be a race car driver and live in Florida because they have race tracks there.
M: (practically in tears) But you said you'd be my neighbor!!!
G: OK, I guess they maybe have race tracks in California too. I'll live there.
M: Then you can come see me all the time whenever you want to!
G: OK. I'll bring a movie.

Oh these two crack me up and I love it. They are either best friends or hitting and screaming. Just as a brother and sister should be, right?


Marisa said...

Wow! Quite a conversation! My big beef with NBC is the crazy movie trailers they show during the afternoon and prime time. Makes me so mad! Do they really need to have a Freddy Krueger trailer?

Karen said...

Gib,Maya,Silas...can we all live somewhere warm & bask in the sunshine together?...Pleeease??? Grammy

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Too cute!

Brandy said...

That is so cute! And I'm ready to live somewhere warm too!

Jessica said...

O my goodness...I LOVE it!!!

Amy said...

Technically...Gibson wouldn't have to bring a movie because he will have DirectTV and they can watch it on that!!!

The Rogersuz said...

awww, totally reminds me of conversations that my brother and I used to have! I love it.

the clemensuz said...

I just read this outloud to Drew and we were both laughing hysterically. Adorable.

Shiny said...

Wow - what a cute conversation! I can't wait until my kids can have good full conversations like that!
I was impressed that Gibson knew where the racetracks were and that Maya knew not to live where there is snow all the time because you'll be cold...and that they even know about California!!! Too precious!!!