Tuesday, July 6, 2010

relaxation is a comin'

Summer if FLY-ING by. Is it seriously July? I love me some summer so I'm just a tad sad that it's moving so quickly. Ours has been particularly crazy though. Between the months of June and July Phil is leading a band at 5 weeks of camp! Yep, that's a lot. We aren't too far from being done, only 2 weeks of being gone left! It has worked out that he's been gone every other week, but thankfully we've been able to tag a long here and there. One of the camps (you can check them out here, they are awesome!!!) is only a little over 2 hours away and they have great accommodations for our whole family. Let me tell you, the big kids have had an absolute BLAST. Gibson says he wants to work there someday so he can have a walkie talkie and drive a golf cart like the guys in charge. Of course! I mean, who wouldn't? Maya has loved it because the girl counselors painted her nails, and well, that's the key to sister's heart. I'm pretty sure Silas liked it for the 3 yummy meals a day the cafeteria served. Boy can eat. But in all of this back and forth I am finding myself just missing my husband. What I would give for a wonderful date night...I'm thinking Thai 9 and a movie. Mmm it sounds so delightful. Don't feel too sorry for me yet though, because in just a little over a week, I am taking a vacation. With my husband. Alone. We seriously have not done that since our honeymoon 8 1/2 years ago! Sure, we've had an overnighter here and there for anniversaries and such, but nothing like this. We will be away for 4 days and 3 nights! I know I'm gonna miss the babes somethin fierce, but when I think of multiple days alone with my husband I am crazy excited! And the fun part is he has NO idea where we're going or what we're doing when we get there. I'm planning it all for his 30th and he loves to be surprised. (I on the other hand am not a fan of being surprised, but that's a story for another day. Also, it literally pains me to keep a secret this long!) Obviously he already knew we're going on a trip or I wouldn't have posted it on the worldwide web, but he knows no other details. I am very busy arranging babysitters, dogsitters, mail holds, and other trip details (shhh!). Oh, and counting down the days!!!!!!!


Jessica said...

Yay! You definitely deserve an amazing trip and a wonderful time away together!!
PS - I LOVE the new pic!!! :)

Marisa said...

SO fun! I'm excited for you! You deserve this break. Can't wait to hear the details! You a lucky man, Phil!

jenny said...

How great that you are going on a trip with your hubby!!! So fun! Can't wait to hear about this adventure away! Hope Phil is surprised.