Monday, November 15, 2010

fall fun

Since this blog is my little virtual scrapbook, I wanted to catch up on just a few of our Fall happenings.  Christmas will be here before we know it!
Back in mid-October we took advantage of a gorgeous day and headed to Indiana to meet up with my family.  We had a day of big fun planned:  Cracker Barrel  for lunch and then the orchard.  And well, that's it.  You thought I was going to list more things for "big fun", right?  Never underestimate my boringness.  
After a delicious, chaotic lunch we headed over to the orchard.  We planned on riding out to pick apples, go through the petting zoo, *wash hands* and then eat some apple cider donuts.  Sounds like a plan to me!  We had 5 children in tow, so once we got them calmed from their sensory overload we went to ask about the apple picking.  What do you know, they were no longer taking people out to pick.  What a bummer!  So we got all the sticky fingers off of the apples and candy in the store, and headed over to the petting zoo.  They really loved this part and had a good time walking around looking at everything.  After the smells we encountered on this little tour I wasn't feeling too hungry.  But come on, there's ALWAYS room for a donut.  So we headed in for some warm, soft goodness.  Lo and behold...they.only.make.them.on.the.weekends.  Excuse me, WHAT?!  We were a little (a lot) sad so we loaded up and hit the road.  So basically we drove to the middle of nowhere to look at a few stinky animals.  But the kids had fun so that's all that matters, right?  Right.  Plus, the girls got to run into Warm Glow and I am enjoying some straight up delicious smelling candles right now.  I haven't had one in awhile, and every fall/winter I just need one or two.  Or three.  A few of my fave scents:  Hot Apple Butter, Morning Latte, Banana Nut Bread, Carrot Cake, and Evening Mocha.  I like ma candles edible.
Another positive of the day?  Snagging some cute pics.

Lil Silasito.
 Lashes for days.  No Latisse necessary.
 Squeezy brothers.
 He likes to beatbox in this shirt.
 Lulu.  Too cute for her own good, isn't she?
 Bff's checking out the goats.
 Gib and the goat having a stare down.  Wonder who won?
 On the run...
 My darling nephews.
 This big ol' thang was just laying out in the sun.  The kids couldn't believe he wasn't in a pen!  (Neither could I...)
 Baby got bangs.
 Grammy showing the kids a little wooly worm.


jenny said...

What a fun day with cousins! The pics of the kids are adorable as usual :)

Marisa said...

We have had those outings before where they kinda backfire. Glad the kids had fun. So sad about the donuts though!

Brandy said...

I could have cried about the donuts. Not that I've ever cried over food before. ;) We made the best of it and the kids had a good time though!