Friday, November 19, 2010

goat-1, gibson-0

I added a pic a few posts ago with Gibson and a goat having a stare down.  The funny thing is, I had never even noticed that aspect of the photo, I just liked it because it was Papaw hanging out with the boys. After I noticed (and captioned it), I just can not stop laughing about it.  I have no idea why it's amusing me so.  It has just undone me!  This, paired with the fact that I cried (twice!) today while watching Nanny McPhee Returns, shows me I REALLY need to get out more.  

I'm off to laugh myself into oblivion after seeing this cropped version.  But seriously, does this goat have a chip on his shoulder or what?!
*go ahead and click on the pic to make it even bigger.  you know you want to.  no?  ok, guess its just me.


Karen said...

I think the goat is saying " yeah, so you're taller than what?

Marisa said...

This is pretty cute. I wonder what was going through that goat's mind?