Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I know, I know, I've been gone 5 million years.  But I've got good reason to return today!  My sweet lil baby is turning 2!  In so many ways I can't believe it, but then he gives me that defiant glare and I'm all, oh yeah, he's 2.  

My sweet darlin you are 2!  You are such a joy to our family and you provide endless giggles.  I have never wanted to kiss someone so endlessly.  There is something about your sweet little chocolatey skin that beckons my lips.  You're just so smoochable!  You are never allowed to get tired of my kisses, for I fear I may never stop-regardless of your age.  Or mine for that matter.
You are so content to just hang out and play, especially if your sister isn't all up in your business.  Cars, Melmo (aka Elmo), beads, and balls are a few of your favorite things.  You can stare at a rolling matchbox care for 30 min straight!  You also sing from morning until night.  People stop me in the stores just to ask about this singing baby!  You always astound us by knowing the tune to a song you've only heard a few times.  Yep, you're one musical little guy.
You have taught me so much about how to be a better momma.  This bond, this trust, this love we've been working on?  Sometimes it was just plain hard.   But baby it was all worth it for where we are today! 
We will celebrate you today, eat cupcakes, and open presents.  We'll thank Jesus once again that you're forever a part of our family.  And I'll think of the sweet woman who carried you, birthed you, and took care of you for your first 6 months of life.  She remembered your birthday and was very specific about telling it when she had to sign those papers.  I know this day was important to her.  So we're going to do it up right!  But my heart is also with her as I'm sure she misses you today and wonders how you are.  Make no mistake you are LOVED on two continents.  
I love you baby boy.  I hope your birthday is as happy as can be.

Is he full of personality or what?  :)


Kate said...

happiest of days to one of my favorite guys! we love you, silas! and these pics are amazing!


jenny said...

Happy bday Silas! Love that little guy! Gotta agree with Kate, the pics are fabulous! You are really talented, Amber, and you had one beautiful subject to photograph! Enjoy the day with your babe!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Silas! You have totally captured our hearts! You are an amazing, precious gift & we are so blessed to get to enjoy your goodness!

Awesome pictures Am!

Sarah said...

Oh my! I could just eat that little guy up! Happy bday! My eyes are filled with tears as I think of the many people who love him!

Marisa said...

Those pics are killer! I love the tie! Hope you had a great time celebrating such a special little guy!

Jessica said...

That made me cry...love him...and you!!

Traci said...

You really know how to make this mama cry - in a good way! I'm so thankful Silas is part of your family. Praise the Lord for protecting him when he wasn't home and for his birth mom who sacrificially did the the best for her baby. It truly is beautiful and a testament to God's faithful, amazing and gracious plan of adoption. Happy birthday, Silas!

Traci said...

Oh, and call me crazy, but he looks like a chocolatey Maya!! Those eyes and lips... especially in the "scrunchy face" picture! You are such a great photographer!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hol-Ly-Cow, that baby is beautiful!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

PS - Our Siley's are SO close in age! Mine totes around that exact same Elmo doll and sings all of the time. We can't understand any of the words, but we can always hear the tune. :) It's been a really rough week with Siley. I love this reminder that I'm not the only one who's ever gone through this sort of thing.

Brandy said...

The pictures are AMAZING.
To say that I'm totally smitten with Silas is a major understatement. I could eat him with a spoon! Silas=goodness.

p.s. If I could come and pick him up while he's in some footed jammies, that would be great. Thanks.