Sunday, December 12, 2010

cozy door sweater

My friend Kate directed me to the cuteness on Etsy (where else?!) that is the door sweater.  You can check out some inspiration here and here.  Kate made a cute one a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog.  I wrapped mine one night several weeks ago and finally got the ruffle done this weekend.  It's about time, Christmas is right around the corner!  This is so easy and so cute, I just might have to make one for every season.  :)  There are such awesome, elaborate ones on Etsy, but I decided to go simple for my first go at it.  Oh, and mine cost about $7 to make!

Here she is basking in the glow of the winter storm outside:
 I propped it in the window for light, but it really hangs on a door.  :)
 This old wooden button was a last minute addition and I love it:
 I left the edges of the ruffle unfinished and imperfect.  
 Loving my fuzzy, cozy door sweater!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I {heart} this!!

Marisa said...

So cute! Great job!

Kate said...

Love the button! Cute!

jenny said...

Look at you! Getting all crafty! You and Kate will have to give me some tips on this. Love how it turned out.